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Devil’s Food Cake

There is something so suggestively sinful about this Devil’s Food Cake that makes it so much more appealing than a regular chocolate cake!

Devil's Food Cake Recipe | Moist, Fluffy Rich Coffee Chocolate Cake recipe by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com | Best Chocolate Cake Ever! Technically, this is a chocolate cake. But if you had the choice between a Devil’s Food Cake and a Rich Chocolate Cake, chances are you’d be opting for the former one. You can’t really help it. We are all instinctively attracted to foods with dangerous names. :) Or should I say, sinful names. The more indulgent it sounds, the more we are drawn to it.

And with good reason too. This moist, fluffy and rich chocolate cake is simply the most delicious piece o’ cake I’ve had in a very, very long time. If you’re a sucker for the slightly darker version of desserts, you’re going to luuuuurve this devil’s food cake!  [Continue reading for the Recipe]


An unconventional recipe for eggless Mocha White Chocolate Chip Cookies; the union of Coffee & White Chocolate is phenomenal!

Mocha White Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Eggless Coffee White Chocolate Cookies by Kavitha Ramaswamy from Foodomania.com Gosh Golly. Where were you all this time? No not you, white chocolate. I already know and love you so much. But you – COFFEE! You’re a sneaky little bastard, aren’t you?! You hid behind your bitter flavor, not showing us how truly delicious you can be!

All my life, I’ve hated coffee. It is bitter – even with milk or cream  -  and is just so not something I would drink – even on a crazy day. But an impromptu decision to dump the instant coffee powder into my cookie dough – just because it was expiring anyway – gave me a super recipe to cherish! I think the coffee flavor offset the overly sweet white chocolate to give me a perfectly balanced cookie recipe. Try it, it may be your next favorite recipe!
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Onion Tomato Chutney

A fast, fresh & easy recipe for the delicious South Indian Onion Tomato Chutney; perfect as a condiment for almost any recipe!

Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe | South Indian Red Chutney for Idli, Dosa from Foodomania.com by Kavitha Ramaswamy Thiiiiiiis is my heaven.

Even thinking about this simplicity makes me drool. It is such a perfect accompaniment to sooooo many of my favorite South Indian dishes! Without this chutney, I’m pretty sure those dishes would taste ordinary. This is what makes them extraordinary.

With the slight sourness from the tomato and pungency from the onions combined with classic South Indian flavorings, this onion tomato chutney; or as we all call it – the Red Chutney is a really useful condiment to make and store in your refrigerator!
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100+ Easter Recipes

Get ideas and inspirations for over 100+ Easter Recipes here.. Tasty Easter Treats | Eggless Or Vegan Only!

100+ Easter Recipes Ideas   Are you in the Easter mood yet? If not, I’ve got about 100+ Easter Recipes to get you thinking about what to make for this Holiday!!

Easter to me is all about chocolate eggs, bunny shaped cupcakes, Swiss rolls and other delicious treats! For those curious, read up about Easter here. :) There are obviously different Easter traditions around the world. Like for example, Ham may be the centerpiece of an Easter dinner table in the US while the European families may go for the traditional Hot Cross Buns, cheesecakes etc. I’m not familiar with many traditions around this as we don’t celebrate it, but I do know that food is a very important part of this festival.

From eggless cakes to vegan cookies; brunch ideas to full meal recipes, I’ve looked far and wide to bring you delicious ideas and inspirations to spread the love through food!
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Lemon Rice

You can have this south Indian style lemon rice with any curry; but it is also great on its own!

Lemon Rice Recipe | How to make South Indian style Lemon Rice South Indians have an undying relationship with Rice. We love it despite all the notoriety it has gained over the years. I certainly don’t preach eating high carbs all the time; but it is hard to think of barley or quinoa when we’ve been growing up on rice. At the end of the day, if we’re all eating what we’ve been eating since childhood whilst maintaining an active lifestyle, I really don’t think a little rice could do so much damage to your health.

Lemon Rice is one such quick one pot meal that is very common and popular in the South Indian households. I bet every family makes this in their own way. The citrus-y flavored rice tempered with classic south Indian ingredients like asafetida and mustard is a great lunch box option as well. Here’s how easy it is to put together our lemon rice -  [Continue reading for the Recipe]