Naan Bread (with Yeast)

This super simple Naan bread recipe on the stove top yields amazing & authentic results! The Naan made this way tastes just as a restaurant Naan – IF not better!

Naan Bread Recipe | How to make Authentic Naan at Home on a stove top | | Step by Step Recipe

If you were to step into an Indian restaurant and gaze around, chances are you spot these beautiful, spongy Naan breads on almost every table. They’re just so elastic yet soft at the same time that make them so fantastic to pair with spicy sides. Sure, they aren’t the best breads to bet your health on. But once in a while, go ahead and treat yourself to something as exotic and yet as humble as a Naan.

There is another Naan recipe on this blog. And that was kind of an attempt to recreate the texture of a restaurant Naan without using Yeast. While I still love that recipe, I’ve also discovered that using yeast in the Naan dough definitely pays off. If you’re looking for the authentic texture, you absolutely should consider using yeast in your dough.

Another point to note is that Naan is often cooked in clay ovens, which are impossible to store at homes. So you can either bake them in the oven (which would be a slow and boring process) or speed up things by directly cooking them over the fire. I don’t know if I can claim this as the most authentic recipe there is, but I can promise you a restaurant quality Naan in just 15 minutes (that is of course, minus the waiting-for-the-dough-to-rise time).    Continue reading

12 Insane Treats for Chocolate Lovers

These 12 Insane Treats for Chocolate Lovers will make you weak in your knees…. P.S: If you’re anti-chocolate, chances are – you may be a convert by the end of this list!

chocolate cake by foodomania

Anything is great if it is made of chocolate.

Chocolate is an indulgence for many. It  has so many things wrapped up in it – deliciousness in the moment and the moments that follow, childhood memories, love and that beautiful, funny grin plastered on our faces. Chocolate indeed puts one in a happy place, doesn’t it?

These 12 treats for chocolate lovers are everything one wants from a dessert – they are luscious, subtly sweet and insanely chocolaty! Here we have some amazing recipes for brownies, cupcakes, mousse, chocolate strawberries and so much more! Get ready to be transported to a chocolicious heaven!

P.S: This post was first published on the Parade Magazine blog. I’m re-posting this here for all you chocolate lovers! Have at it! GO!!!   Continue reading

McAloo Tikki Burger

These McAloo Tikki Burgers are the most loved burgers in India. Crunchy potato patties sandwiched with some Mayo, Onions, Tomato and the softest burger buns ever!

McAloo Tikki Burger Recipe step by step pictures | Mcdonald's Burgers in India | Copycat recipes | How to make McDonald's McAloo Tikki Burger at home | recipe from scratch - by

I’d be lying if I said I don’t dream about McAloo Tikki. Come on. Haven’t you? even writing about it makes me smile with a foolish fondness I reserve for very few people / things in my life. This & this being 2 of them.

Every visit to Mcdonald’s has me ordering the same burger over and over again. One of the many reasons I love Indian food is that it just makes ANY dish taste 10 times better! Well, maybe not. Maybe it is just my preference, but there’s no denying the fact that Indian food is incredibly tasty.

The classic American burger was given a desi twist when McDonald’s came to India – to adhere to the Indian taste preferences. And with this customization, McDonald’s drew millions of Indians out of their homes and into its little eateries – to consume one of their many desi burgers.

While I do thank Mcdonald’s for its genius inventions, I’m also starting to understand the science of cooking food. And as much as I love making my life easier by paying a few bucks for a quick fast food, I know that my body will thank me for every bit of morsel I cook at home – with so much care. Now, we all have to find a trade-off somewhere right?    Continue reading