Barley Vegetable Soup

Brimming with veggies & barley, this delicious, hearty and filling barley vegetable soup is positively packed with healthy goodness!

Barley Vegetable Soup Recipe | Vegetarian Healthy Soups written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

The very first “Barley Recipe” on this blog. I really am growing up!

What I really like about this older me is that I’m starting to appreciate grains other than wheat and rice. There was a time when I pledged my love for rice and couldn’t imagine a healthier substitute to my meals. But this barley vegetable soup left me incredibly surprised. All my initial apprehensions were put to rest when I devoured spoonful after spoonfuls of this filling soup. This soup scores extra points in texture, taste and ease of preparation.

It is a New Year. And that means making small changes to make it a healthier year.  I almost always make it a point to make some healthy changes… always on a quest to take off a few pounds and live a healthier, more energetic life. And this soup is just perfect for whatever health goals you have. All you need is a pot, some fresh herbs & veggies and Barley! Let’s go! Continue reading

Classic Chocolate Brownies

Basic classic chocolate brownies recipe made from scratch! You’ll never make a box mix ever again!

Eggless Classic Chocolate Brownies Recipe | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Happy 2015, people! Here’s wishing you an awesome year! :)

Everyone has his / her favorite classic chocolate brownies recipe. I’m a little biased towards this one. Made with the best quality cocoa, these brownie bars are anything but ordinary! I haven’t been able to get these brownies out of my mind for weeks.

Seriously. Lots of Chocolate in every bite. Can you stop yourself?

If you can, well, we can’t be friends anymore! ;)

Anyway, having an easy brownie recipe in your baking repertoire is priceless. It’s something that you can bring along to potlucks, office parties, birthday parties, and basically anywhere you need to feed a crowd some kinda dessert. And trust me when I tell ya, you don’t need to be buying brownie mix anymore. This literally takes as few as 4 ingredients.     Continue reading

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

A simple, no-fail recipe for the best ever cookies and cream cupcakes! Simple vanilla cupcakes baked from scratch and frosted with fluffy Oreo-infused butter-cream frosting! It can’t get any better than this!

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes Recipe | Eggless Vanilla Cake with Oreo Buttercream | Recipe written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of


Shouting is necessary because this is a vanilla Oreo cupcake and butter-cream dreamland! This is the kind of cupcake that makes a person close his/her eyes and get into a food coma – foodgasm, if I may… It will be hard not to be filled with a sense of happiness and euphoria whilst eating this cupcake. These pillow-y delights are not only festive and beautiful to look at, but also, taste as good as they look! These extremely easy to bake cupcakes of wonder pause to really think about that and now let’s go for a fist bump are ready pretty fast, require very few basic ingredients and look and taste like a million bucks! Wait. Did I say that already?

I don’t think I need to convince you too much to try  this recipe. a) Look at them. Go on. Just look again! They’re a masterpiece! b) Your life will change as a result of these cupcakes – honest truth!. c) They don’t require much labor and hence are automatically a very good choice for stressful Holiday times. Convinced much?

Sweet, wonderful, homey, fluffy, moist, creamy Oreo delight swirling through my life right now. That’s what I’m talking about. ♡♡♡

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