As You Name It – Chocolate Cups with Fabelle

Go make your favorite chocolate cups filled with some delicious fillings at Fabelle’s boutique in your city!

I was invited to experience some excellent Chocolate – in its best form – at Fabelle’s boutique last week. Fabelle redefines the meaning of customised luxury, creates chocolate history by taking personalization to the next level!

Remember when I couldn’t stop gushing about the five elements of the Universe in chocolate form? While I chose Fire because it excited me the most, there was more excitement in store for me that day…   

I was asked to choose a chocolate base, a chocolate filling and some topping – the combination of which that I thought I’d like the most. It was kind of surreal watching Chef Bhumika – a cool chocolateir – pipe out freshly made chocolate creations onto some perfectly made chocolate cups. Whoever said cooking (or in this case, chocolate-making) was therapeutic was right!

I chose a dark chocolate cup with milk chocolate mousse filling topped of with some butterscotch chips and as expected, they were uhhh-maa-zing!! Seeing how difficult it was for me to choose, Bhumika offered to make 6 different combinations of chocolate cups for me! Between milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel fillings, she whipped up some crazy amazing combinations!

Even after eating so much chocolate within a span of 1 hour, I didn’t have an odd-sugar-rush that I always otherwise do. I was deeply impressed by the quality of chocolates at Fabelle. Neither were they too sweet nor too bitter. Whatever I chose, the flavors were always subtle. Head on over to Fabelle’s website and make your own customized chocolate cups today!

Thank you so much for having me, pampering me with some amazing chocolates and making sure the rest of my day went by dreaming about some wonderful chocolates!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post


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