Bechamel Sauce | White Sauce

White sauce (also known as Bechamel Sauce) undoubtedly is the mother of all sauces. And when something is so universally liked, I think it is my duty to post it on my blog! 😉 Uh.. okay, I’m not posting. But I’m re-posting from the old blog. This happens to be a recipe from the archives. So forgive the bad pictures! 😀 I’ve made this sauce so many times and every time, I add a little variation. But the basic version happens to be this –


(Printable Recipe)

Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 5 min
Makes: 1 cup

1 TBsp All purpose flour
2 TBsp Butter
2-3 Garlic Cloves, crushed
1 cup Milk (around 200 ml)
3/4 tsp Salt (or as required)
1 tsp Black Pepper Powder
3 TBsp Onion (finely chopped – optional, I skipped)

1. Melt the butter on low heat. Sauté the garlic for 1 minute (if you want, the onions too)

2. Stir in the flour & sauté for 1 minute. Don’t let it burn. The raw smell of flour should disappear.

3. Add milk & stir continuously to avoid lumps. It will start thickening

4. Once it thickens, add the salt & pepper (and maybe chilli flakes& oregano) & mix well.

This keep swell in the refrigerator for at least a week. It thickens even more when refrigerated. You can warm it up before use. Besides Pasta dishes, there are so many other dishes in which you could use this sauce. Stick around my blog for other posts!

You may also buy it –

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