Pav Bhaji

What Sloppy Joes is to the Americans, Pav Bhaji is to Indians… Buttery dinner rolls served with a spicy blend of vegetables!

Pav Bhaji Recipe | Bombay Chaat (Street Food) | Vegetarian Sloppy Joes For as long as I can remember, Pav bhaji has been the one dish that I order every single time I go to a hotel / restaurant… So intense is my love for this dish that I have to have this at least once a week. It is hard not to love such a simple, yet brilliant food… Toasted dinner rolls served with a spiced blend of vegetables!

PAV” buns are your Dinner Rolls while “BHAJI” is the standard name for any side dish. Combine the 2 and you have a quintessential Indian dish that so many of us know and love!


Bread Pizza Cups

Make these cute bread pizza cups for a new and innovative snack! P.S: Kids will love them!
Bread Pizza Cups Recipe | Easy Snacks | Fun things to do with bread

Bread Pizza is often a go-to snack in our household. There couldn’t be anything easier to make on short notice. However, when time permits, why not go the extra mile and make these little bread pizza cups? Although they taste the same as a bread pizza, the (little extra) effort that goes into making these bread cups does not go unnoticed. And it is really fun to be eating cupcake-lookalike made of bread and filled with pizza toppings, don’t you think?  (more…)

Vanilla & Prune Scones

Make a fresh batch of Vanilla scented Prune Scones to get your house smelling like a heavenly baking store!

Vanilla and Prune Scones | Best Eggless Scones Step by Step Recipe How did it take me 22 years of my life to try my first scone?! You should sue me for gross negligence! 😛

Actually, we don’t really have the concept of a “scone” in India. I’ve never seen any bakery sell scones here. (If you know of any, please – do tell!). But I’m glad I went ahead and tried these. The Vanilla extract used in here gave a wonderful scent to the Scones and the Prunes was just the much needed additional “healthy” ingredient to this otherwise sinful quick-bread! 🙂 (more…)

Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a delicious combination of dinner rolls with a curry made of lentils and beans!
Misal Pav Recipe | Maharashtrian Dinner Rolls with Spicy Sprouts Curry

I’m so lost today that I had to triple check my “recipe” before publishing it.

My head is submerged in numbers, evidences, effectiveness, testing and a bunch of other stuff I’m struggling to learn. Seeing my coworkers do it with ease doesn’t help either. (Okay, before you conclude that I am inefficient, I want you to know that this is my first assignment in a new job. Those hard working geniuses have done this a zillion times before! :D) Still, with barely 10 minutes a day to myself before I tire out and sleep without even removing my dirty socks (just kidding!), I don’t get to do a lot of proof reading of the recipes.

But rest assured, the recipe is full and correct. Especially since the drool in my mouth explains a lot about this delicious Misal Pav!    (more…)