Potato Rolls

These fluffy potato rolls are perfect for an elaborate dinner … served with hot soup!

Potato Rolls Recipe | Easy Vegan Potato Bread
These potato rolls taste a lot better than they look!

These photographs don’t do justice to the recipe for Potato Rolls.

Blame me for being impatient, non-creative and downright lazy for that.

But please, do not turn away from making these damningly delicious potato bread rolls! 😀  (more…)

Hoagie Roll

You can now make soft hoagie roll for your submarine sandwiches at home!

Hoagie Roll Recipe | Soft Italian Bread for Submarine Sandwich/Hot Dog

I know 9 / 10 of you will look, admire and move on.

Because who needs to put in hard work when you can get a Hoagie Roll in the nearby bakery, right? WRONG. YOU need to put in the hard work and make this bread to truly appreciate the work of yeast! 🙂 That magical ingredient that transforms this into a soft bread-y heaven! (more…)

Snake Sandwich

Get your freak on this Halloween with this utterly spooky and completely vegetarian Snake Sandwich! 😉

Vegetarian Halloween Snake Sandwich Recipe

Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you this way…. or maybe I did! 😛

It’s almost Halloween!!! If you’re planning to scare the daylights out of your friends and family, why not make this scary – yet delicious Snake Sandwich for dinner? They will be equally freaked and amused! (more…)