Snickers Fudge Brownies

You will fall in love with every bite of these luscious ultra chocolaty, ultra moist, ultra fudgy snickers fudge brownies!

Snickers Fudge Brownies Recipe | Eggless chocolate brownies | Delicious baking recipes written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of I solemnly swear that I had your waistline’s best interests at heart. But then I wanted to please your other senses so much so that I overlooked a teeny tiny fact – this brownies are just loaded with all the crazy good things!

Guess who just survived the first month of 2015 (which has been nothing less than brutal)…? Yours truly! As psyched as I was to get the new year rolling with the most fabulous plans, I just couldn’t accomplish what I set out to do. Not that these failed plans have me buried under a pillow or anything… Just a slight blow to the ego. Brownies are good for bruised egos, didjaaaa know that?? 😛

Anyway, these are just so good. If you’re into the fudgy kind of treats and you aren’t allergic to peanuts, you will luuuuurrrvvveeee my snickers fudge brownies.    (more…)

Classic Chocolate Brownies

Basic classic chocolate brownies recipe made from scratch! You’ll never make a box mix ever again!

Eggless Classic Chocolate Brownies Recipe | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Happy 2015, people! Here’s wishing you an awesome year! 🙂

Everyone has his / her favorite classic chocolate brownies recipe. I’m a little biased towards this one. Made with the best quality cocoa, these brownie bars are anything but ordinary! I haven’t been able to get these brownies out of my mind for weeks.

Seriously. Lots of Chocolate in every bite. Can you stop yourself?

If you can, well, we can’t be friends anymore! 😉

Anyway, having an easy brownie recipe in your baking repertoire is priceless. It’s something that you can bring along to potlucks, office parties, birthday parties, and basically anywhere you need to feed a crowd some kinda dessert. And trust me when I tell ya, you don’t need to be buying brownie mix anymore. This literally takes as few as 4 ingredients.     (more…)

Granola Bites

Power packed granola bites made with homemade granola! Get your nutrients on the go!

Granola Bites Recipe | How to make Healthy High Energy Granola Nuggets | High protein healthy snacks | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy from

I made these granola bites about 2 months ago. Everyday since then, I’ve been eating one of these to satisfy my sweet tooth and my 4 pm-hunger.

You know, it is that time of the day when you feel like you’ve just got to reach out for a burger or order a plate of fries…. I’ve successfully resisted doing that for the past couple months… all thanks to these hunger-squashing super power nuggets! It did take a while for me to get used to this change in the menu. A granola bite is after all NOT a slice of pizza. For picky eaters, this may not be love at first sight. But stay with it, one bite at a time. It’ll grow on you.

As an unexpected yet welcome side effect of this ritual, I now see that my skin and hair have really started to improve! The omega-3 rich flax seeds and protein rich everything else have definitely contributed in a big way to my health! And now you can do this for yourself too! 🙂


Nutella Swirl Blondies

Irresistible nutella swirl blondies recipe…. swirl your way into edible awesomeness!

Happy July, you guys! My customary semi-annual self realization struck as I was penning this utterly delicious nutella swirl blondies recipe down…

I didn’t write down new year resolutions this year. But I did make plans of a healthier new year. Now, it is ironical that I’m talking about a healthy lifestyle in a dessert post. However, I think it is also apt, since I’ve managed to majorly cut down the cravings and the sugar from my meals – despite experimenting with sugar all the time.

You want to know what the secret is…..?


Share. Spread the love. Distribute the sugar… Everyone gets a little bit of everything.. Everyone is happy.. And no one over-indulges! (although, it may be hard to resist the urge to eat more than 1 slice of this blondie!) (more…)