Eggless Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Christmas is round the corner and it is obvious you are looking for easy-to-bake treats to give away to family, friends, acquaintances and devour some yourself! 🙂 THIS is it! Look no more. 😉 What am I saying? You don’t need ‘Christmas’ for a reason to bake these brownies! They are moist, fudgy … and best of all, CHOCOLATE-Y! (more…)

Chocolate Biscuit Fudge Brownies (no bake)

There are desserts, such as these, that are so ridiculously easy that I have second thoughts about sharing them as “recipes”. 😀 However, if I don’t put forth the idea, how are you supposed to try it out? So here goes one of my ‘no-recipe’ recipes for making instant Biscuit fudge! (P.S: For all those people who have been pestering me to start a *Bachelor’s Section* for easy cooking – this is THE one! Just get them, mix them & freeze them. You’ll have delicious fudge with zero efforts!) (more…)

Nutty Chocolate Brownies

Remember these Double Chocolate Brownies? I claimed that they were the easiest thing to bake ever! Well, I was wrong. Here is a brownie recipe that is easier to follow, and equally delicious when baked! 😉 Impress your loved ones with this super easy, quick, delicious eggless brownies!