Snake Sandwich

Get your freak on this Halloween with this utterly spooky and completely vegetarian Snake Sandwich! 😉

Vegetarian Halloween Snake Sandwich Recipe

Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you this way…. or maybe I did! 😛

It’s almost Halloween!!! If you’re planning to scare the daylights out of your friends and family, why not make this scary – yet delicious Snake Sandwich for dinner? They will be equally freaked and amused! (more…)

Pizza Dough Ravioli

Pizza Dough Ravioli are fancy baked breads that you’ll love to eat!

Pizza Dough Ravioli Recipe

Did I just say Pizza Dough Ravioli?

Yes I did.


Well… Why not? 😀 They’re easy to make and everybody loves ’em! And let’s just admit. They look cute and enticing. (more…)

Corn Burger

Homemade Corn Burger is … simply the best!

Corn Burger Recipe

Imagine: Lightly spiced corn-potato patties.. with a nice and crispy texture yet soft inside.. almost bordering on juicy! (emphasis on the word: almost. It is not a beef burger. It is a corn burger. There is only so much a vegetarian can do to emulate meat dishes! ;)) (more…)