The Protein Burger (healthy, wholesome & delicious!)

Did your New Year’s resolution to start eating ‘healthy & wholesome’ come crashing and burning down your ass already? 😛 Of course it had to! Who can survive on raw salads and soup?! Certainly not me! I like my food to be well cooked. Perhaps my Indian upbringing prevents me from nibbling on raw food… despite knowing the good it does for your skin! 😉 But hey, if you want proteins – why eat a bean salad when you’d get the same (if not more) amount by eating this Protein-packed Burger? (more…)

Bruschetta ~ the instant Party Snack!

Hardly do I come across recipes that are quick, delicious and worthy of being featured in a Party menu & healthy. If it is a Party snack, one inevitably tends to use cheese or chocolate or deep fries in an attempt to make a fancy, universally liked dish. (or maybe it is just what we do!) But with this Bruschetta, I put an end to an era of deep fried party appetizers! Oh, I’m not claiming to have invented this dish. Bruschetta has been around forever. I’m just getting acquainted with it now! 🙂 (more…)

Cheese Veggie Toast


Don’t laugh at me for wanting to post what I call a ‘non-recipe’ 😉 After all, I keep getting requests from so many of YOU to make easy & tasty meals on the go! So here you go! 😀 Skip the cheese, keep the cheese, skip the veggies, keep ’em.. do whatever you want. Cooking is all about what feels right to you. And this is what feels right to me when I have a bunch of veggies & a packet of bread in the fridge and no motivation to make something extravagant. (more…)