Funfetti Cupcakes

Colorful Mini Funfetti Cupcakes to brighten up your day!
Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe | Eggless Mini Cupcakes

I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly obsessed with making mini versions of everything. I find that mini cupcakes or mini cakes or mini scones are just the way to maintain portion control whilst ensuring that more people get to have a taste of the treat. Wouldn’t you agree with me?

Take these Funfetti Cupcakes for example. If I were to make the same as regular sized cupcakes, I’d probably get about 4-6 of them. And I think they would lose their “cuteness”. But this way, not only do I get about 25 cute mini cupcakes, I also fed them to an army (of neighborhood kids)!  (more…)

S’mores Cake

Taking the concept of S’mores to a whole other level with this S’mores Cake. Roasted marshmallows on top of a chocolate cake… sandwiched with another cake and topped off with even more marshmallows!

Will you believe me if I say a S’mores Cake is so much better than S’mores?

S'mores Cake Recipe | Chocolate Cake with Roasted Marshmallows

Don’t worry. I’m not saying that as there really is no comparison. Both of them are delicious and it is difficult to choose one over the other.

But if you have some marshmallows left and are wondering what to do with them, I urge you to try this S’mores Cake. I took the concept of S’mores and transmitted it to a Chocolate Cake. Total Crowd Pleaser – tsaall I’m saying! 😉

Oh, by the way, I forgot to put a parchment paper on my baking tray (which was greasy). When I put in the cake to roast marshmallows under the broiler for 5 minutes, the bottom of the cake got stuck to the baking pan! 🙁 Anyhoo.. lesson learned! And I got most of the cake out so no biggie! 😀


Christmas Fruit Cake

Inspired from a traditional Christmas fruit cake, but a shortcut recipe.

Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe | Shortcut fruit n nut cake (Eggless)
dense fruitcake

I’ve got a super simple Christmas Fruit Cake recipe for y’all today. Now, I know what you’re thinking – she always claims her recipes are simple…

And you know what, to an extent – it is true. I don’t really attempt too many difficult recipes because I don’t have the time or patience for them. There are exceptions of course. But during a busy Holiday like Christmas, you don’t want to spend all your time cooking, do you?

Which is why you must try this shortcut recipe. It still has all the elements of a traditional Christmas Fruit Cake – but it gets ready in less than an hour.  (more…)

Chocolate stuffed Cupcakes

Homemade Chocolate stuffed Cupcakes that are sweet, moist and utterly delicious! Fill with your favorite candy to make fancy cupcakes!

Chocolate stuffed Cupcakes Recipe | Moist, eggless cupcakes
when you bite into the cupcake, you’ll be delighted to find delicious chocolate candy in the middle!

For Day 17 of Holiday Bonanza, I present to you these utterly, butterly delicious chocolate stuffed cupcakes! 🙂

They are so moist, they almost melt as you bite into them! And the chocolatey surprise you encounter when you reach the middle of the cupcake is a double delight!

These cupcakes are not hard to make at all. In fact, choose your favorite cupcake recipe, fill the center with your favorite candy / chocolate and watch it transform into these delicious new kind of cupcakes! 🙂   (more…)