Nutella Pancakes

Master the art of making nutella pancakes with this quick recipe tutorial. Seriously, these eggless pancakes will make your special occasion even more awesome!

Nutella Pancakes Recipe | Easy Eggless Pancake from scratch written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

A quick look into the history of recipes on Foodomania reveals at least 50% of them to be dessert recipes. And here I am – adding this nutella pancakes recipe to my awesome dessert collection. I sometimes feel like I seriously need to stop enticing you guys with recipes for your sweet tooth. Haven’t you had enough? But as it turns out, there can never be such as thing as “too-many-sweets”. The good news is – we are all old enough to exercise self-control (aren’t we? 😀 ). So here I leave you with an easy to prepare recipe and just a piece of my mind –

These nutella pancakes are simply scrumptious. Make them on a special occasion and not as your everyday breakfast; you’ll truly appreciate the minimalist flavors seeping through every bite. Enjoy! Chop chop!  


Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

A simple, no-fail recipe for the best ever cookies and cream cupcakes! Simple vanilla cupcakes baked from scratch and frosted with fluffy Oreo-infused butter-cream frosting! It can’t get any better than this!

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes Recipe | Eggless Vanilla Cake with Oreo Buttercream | Recipe written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of


Shouting is necessary because this is a vanilla Oreo cupcake and butter-cream dreamland! This is the kind of cupcake that makes a person close his/her eyes and get into a food coma – foodgasm, if I may… It will be hard not to be filled with a sense of happiness and euphoria whilst eating this cupcake. These pillow-y delights are not only festive and beautiful to look at, but also, taste as good as they look! These extremely easy to bake cupcakes of wonder pause to really think about that and now let’s go for a fist bump are ready pretty fast, require very few basic ingredients and look and taste like a million bucks! Wait. Did I say that already?

I don’t think I need to convince you too much to try  this recipe. a) Look at them. Go on. Just look again! They’re a masterpiece! b) Your life will change as a result of these cupcakes – honest truth!. c) They don’t require much labor and hence are automatically a very good choice for stressful Holiday times. Convinced much?

Sweet, wonderful, homey, fluffy, moist, creamy Oreo delight swirling through my life right now. That’s what I’m talking about. ♡♡♡


Nutella Layer Cake

Moist and fudgy nutella layer cake with a delicious nutella whipped cream frosting! Get your dose of chocolate-hazelnut paste right now!

Nutella Layer Cake Recipe | Best Ever Chocolate Nutella Layer Cake | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of I can’t even begin to praise the awesomeness of this moist nutella layer cake! But you know I’m going to, right? 😉

Nutella makes the world go round!!! I can’t imagine a world without this beloved chocolate hazelnut paste. It is only fair that I try to use this versatile ingredient in ALL of my desserts, right? *Note to self – use this more often. If you want to jazz things up once in a while and make a different kind of chocolate layer cake, THIS IS THE ONE TO MAKE.

I mean seriously. Nutella in the Cake. Nutella in the Frosting. You can’t really go wrong with this, can you?

And the best part – YOU get to decide how much nutella goes into every element of this gorgeous dessert! So you can be shy and add a couple tablespoons of this liquid gold or you can go all out and empty the whole bottle! You’re still going to have an a-1 layer cake.    (more…)

Oreo Owl Cupcake

Intensely chocolaty and moist Oreo Owl Cupcakes are the cutest way to celebrate a festival like Halloween! Or you could just make ’em this way all the time! 🙂

Oreo Owl Cupcake Recipe Tutorial | Fun Halloween & Easter Treats

Oreos and Chocolate in a Cupcake can only mean that cupcake is going to be the most popular cupcake in the history of cupcakes. Am I Right or am I Right? 😉

I’m lately obsessed with finding simple tweaks that could change the way we look at food! Take this chocolate cake for example. Can you tell that this is nothing but a simple chocolate sponge cake? Doesn’t the addition of a bit of powdered sugar just take it up a notch?

A somewhat similar experiment led to the discovery of my Oreo Owl Cupcake. Bake dark chocolate cupcakes. Dip them in chocolate ganache. Break off some Oreo cookies and stick them onto the cupcake. Dip M&M / Gems / similar round candies in chocolate ganache and place them for eyes. Congratulations. You just made an Oreo Owl Cupcake – or a few dozen of them! (more…)