Vampire Stencil Cake Tutorial

Surprise your friends & family on Halloween with this Vampire Stencil Cake… A simple chocolate cake and powdered sugar are all you need to make this freaky delight!

Vampire Stencil Cake Tutorial | Fun Halloween Treats

You don’t always have to scratch your head trying to make complicated treats on Holidays. Sometimes, the easiest of all recipes can give you a great end product!

Take this Vampire Stencil Cake, for example.

I didn’t go overboard thinking of bizarre ingredients for a bizarre Holiday. A simple chocolate cake, decorated with powdered sugar! Nothing that you wouldn’t do on a regular day – but spruced up to suit Halloween! With a stencil that I drew and cut out myself (can you tell I am not an artist?!), I made this instantly eyeballs-grabbing Vampire Stencil Cake. (more…)

Praline Vanilla Gateau

Praline Vanilla Gateau is an elegant, yet simple vanilla sponge cake layered with delicious praline flavored whipped cream!

Praline Vanilla Gateau Recipe | Praline Whipped Cream Cake | Easy Vanilla cake recipe | How to make Praline step by step | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of This is the story of how I failed at making praline, and found a way to mitigate the wastage by turning it into a cake!

Okay, not exactly failed. But I did however read the recipe wrong. I ended up using a few more ingredients and landed with a soft candy instead of the quintessential hard praline. In my opinion, the soft candy turned out to be a divine revelation, for I wouldn’t have discovered the joys of soft, butterscotch flavored nuts if it weren’t for the failed regular praline.

Taste wise, I don’t think these taste any different than regular praline. If you are, however, particular about the texture as well, you could always use regular praline crumbs. And using Praline in whipped cream is simply a genius move on my part, I believe! 😛 (more…)

Devil’s Food Cake

There is something so suggestively sinful about this Devil’s Food Cake that makes it so much more appealing than a regular chocolate cake!

Devil's Food Cake Recipe | Moist, Fluffy Rich Coffee Chocolate Cake recipe by Kavitha Ramaswamy of | Best Chocolate Cake Ever! Technically, this is a chocolate cake. But if you had the choice between a Devil’s Food Cake and a Rich Chocolate Cake, chances are you’d be opting for the former one. You can’t really help it. We are all instinctively attracted to foods with dangerous names. 🙂 Or should I say, sinful names. The more indulgent it sounds, the more we are drawn to it.

And with good reason too. This moist, fluffy and rich chocolate cake is simply the most delicious piece o’ cake I’ve had in a very, very long time. If you’re a sucker for the slightly darker version of desserts, you’re going to luuuuurve this devil’s food cake!  (more…)

Vegan Carrot Cupcakes

Homemade vegan carrot cupcakes topped with my easy cream cheese frosting.

Vegan Carrot Cupcakes Recipe | Easy Eggless Carrot Cake These cupcakes score points both in the budget and taste departments. You use really inexpensive ingredients to make these and yet are presented with really soft and delicious cupcakes! I think its a win-win situation…. don’t you?!

If you’re a vegan you should probably skip the frosting out or use your own concoction for vegan frosting since I’ve not figured out that one yet! But… other than that, these cupcakes are completely vegan and tasty! (more…)