Schezwan Sauce

Learn how to make Spicy Chinese Schezwan Sauce (also known as Sichuan Sauce) in the Microwave!

Schezwan Sauce Recipe | Spicy Chinese Sichuan Sauce in Microwave

Bet your eyes popped out looking at the color of this sauce!

Well, that’s Schezwan Sauce for you.

Red HOT SPICY! 😀 …. Just the way we all like it!

I believe this is a recipe that you should all have in your little book of priceless recipes! SO useful is this sauce in so many of my kitchen escapades that I can’t imagine how I ever cooked before discovering the recipe! 😀  Think – Sichuan Fried Rice (Schezwan.. .one and the same thing!), Schezwan Fried Noodles, Schezwan Noodle Soup, Schezwan Stir Fried Veggies, Sichuan Spring Rolls…. And if you are a meat lover, the possibilities are endless! As if that weren’t enough, this Schezwan Sauce proves to be even better by being an excellent dipping sauce or a spread as well!

Tomato Relish ~ with a South Indian twist

Make this south Indian tomato relish (thokku) for an interesting condiment to breads, rotis, rice etc.!

Tomato Relish Recipe | South Indian Tomato Thokku

I can’t write enough about this firecracker of a relish.

Or, I really should say – thokku.

I’m a South Indian and my grandmom would throw a fit if I kept giving English names to traditional recipes! 😛 But then, how do I tell YOU guys how awesome and easy this dish is if you don’t even know WHAT it is….? So this thokku is essentially tomatoes cooked down to a relish like form and flavored with seasonings quintessenial to the South Indian Cuisine. 🙂 (more…)

Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle (Inji Oorgai) Recipe

Growing up, my mum literally forced this Ginger Pickle down my throat everyday.

“This pickle aids in digestion”, she claimed.

But to expect a 6 year old to eat something as pungent as a ginger pickle just because of its digestive properties is unreasonable!

It wasn’t until I grew up to appreciate diverse tastes and started eating stuff that really mattered did I look at this Ginger Pickle with interest. And can I just say, mum was right! It’s annoying how Mums are always right, innit? 😀 (more…)

Onion Relish (Thokku)

Onion Relish Recipe (Vengaya Thokku)

Onion Relish = Perfect Condiment to almost any Indian food.

I fib not.

Think about this for just a second: Caramelized pieces of Onions.. with a dash of Garlic… and a whole bunch of spices indigenous to the south Indian cuisine… Simmered and cooked until they’re reduced to a mush! Oh boy, this Onion Relish (my mistake. Indians are proud of their food names. So I’ll call this Onion Thokku) is just fantastic with Roti, Idli, Dosa, Paratha, Puri, Bonda, Upma, Rice and what not!

In fact, I’m pretty sure you could top your burger patties with this Onion Relish for a different kick! 😉 (more…)