Mocha White Chocolate Chip Cookies

An unconventional recipe for eggless Mocha White Chocolate Chip Cookies; the union of Coffee & White Chocolate is phenomenal!

Mocha White Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Eggless Coffee White Chocolate Cookies by Kavitha Ramaswamy from Gosh Golly. Where were you all this time? No not you, white chocolate. I already know and love you so much. But you – COFFEE! You’re a sneaky little bastard, aren’t you?! You hid behind your bitter flavor, not showing us how truly delicious you can be!

All my life, I’ve hated coffee. It is bitter – even with milk or cream  –  and is just so not something I would drink – even on a crazy day. But an impromptu decision to dump the instant coffee powder into my cookie dough – just because it was expiring anyway – gave me a super recipe to cherish! I think the coffee flavor offset the overly sweet white chocolate to give me a perfectly balanced cookie recipe. Try it, it may be your next favorite recipe!

Over 100 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Over 100 easy to prepare & delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes to impress your loved ones! 🙂

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

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Coconut Cookies

Crunchy Coconut Cookies make a beautiful edible present to give away during the Holiday time!

Eggless Coconut Cookies Recipe Are you one of those who only like Chocolate Chip Cookies? I hope not because I think these Coconut Cookies will blow your mind – figuratively of course! 😀

I’m really doing nothing different here, except add some freshly grated coconut in the cookie dough. But the effect it has on the end product truly makes it delicious and worthy enough of being shared as a new recipe! 🙂 (more…)

Fudgemallow Cookies

Fudgemallow Cookies have chocolate and marshmallows in them to make up for an interesting texture and taste!

Fudgemallow Cookies Recipe | Easy Chocolate & Marshmallow Cookie

Oh my goodness gracious.

I think you are going to loooooooveeee this.

These cookies are sort of like s’mores, fudge, cookies all put together in one! I stole borrowed the name for this new recipe from Wonka’s Fudgemallow delight! It just felt right, you know. Use good quality chocolate and marshmallows in a cookie dough and you’ve got yourself a great new kind of cookie! And the way marshmallow melts and browns up is simply a pleasure to watch through the oven’s doors! 🙂   (more…)