Eggless Mango Ice Cream

What kind of a doofus posts an mango ice cream recipe when neither mangoes are in season nor is it summer to enjoy such cold treats?! 😀 Well, the very same doofus who’s busy giving exams but felt the need to engage her blog readers so she resorted to scheduling posts months before. And at the time, this is what she had in her drafts! 😉 Okay.. now that I’ve justified posting Mango Ice Cream in November, can I talk about the recipe? 😛 (more…)

Marie Chocolate Floater

The total time to make this immensely easy and delicious dessert was less than the time spent coming up with a suitable name for it. And I’m still not sure if I’ve done justice to it. Why don’t you guys come up with a name for this? Basically, its Marie biscuit sandwiched with chocolate sauce… floating on more chocolate sauce! (more…)