Granola Bites

Power packed granola bites made with homemade granola! Get your nutrients on the go!

Granola Bites Recipe | How to make Healthy High Energy Granola Nuggets | High protein healthy snacks | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy from

I made these granola bites about 2 months ago. Everyday since then, I’ve been eating one of these to satisfy my sweet tooth and my 4 pm-hunger.

You know, it is that time of the day when you feel like you’ve just got to reach out for a burger or order a plate of fries…. I’ve successfully resisted doing that for the past couple months… all thanks to these hunger-squashing super power nuggets! It did take a while for me to get used to this change in the menu. A granola bite is after all NOT a slice of pizza. For picky eaters, this may not be love at first sight. But stay with it, one bite at a time. It’ll grow on you.

As an unexpected yet welcome side effect of this ritual, I now see that my skin and hair have really started to improve! The omega-3 rich flax seeds and protein rich everything else have definitely contributed in a big way to my health! And now you can do this for yourself too! ūüôā


Butterscotch Mousse

Decadent eggless butterscotch mousse made from scarcth by caramelizing butter and sugar and setting with the vegetarian substitute of gelatin – Agar Agar!

Butterscotch Mousse Recipe | Easy Eggless Desserts | Eggless butterscotch mousse written by Kavitha Ramaswamy from

Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to¬†tell the people you love how much they mean to you. **And with such a cheesy sentence, I make my debut¬†as the romantic-at-heart lady** But seriously, I’m one of those who would starve to feed the people I love. Okay, okay, not starve. But I would happily sacrifice my¬†share of a scrumptious cupcake for others… especially if I am the one who has made it!

Butterscotch is my mom’s favorite flavor. She doesn’t do over-the-top chocolate (I know, crazy right?!). But she’ll happily nibble on any form of butterscotch. This Butterscotch Mousse has been under development for quite sometime now just for her. Once I nailed the basic chocolate mousse recipe, I only had to find out how to make the butterscotch flavor stand out in the recipe. I needn’t have looked far, considering I’ve already made a smashing butterscotch pudding before!

Making butterscotch is very similar to making caramel… actually I think it is the same as making caramel. If you’ve taken care of a few basic points, then the rest of the recipe is simply a breeze to make! ¬† (more…)

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

My basic vanilla ice cream from scratch couldn’t be any easier! Using simple ingredients, you can now whip up a high quality ice cream at home!

How to make Basic Vanilla Ice Cream at home | Step by step pictorial | Art of making ice cream from scratch | Eggless ice cream recipes | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

I’m sharing a basic vanilla ice cream recipe with you today.

There are different ways of making ice cream. With eggs, without eggs, with cream, half and half or milk, with ice cream machine or without it, French style, American style and so on…!¬†Making ice cream is an art that doesn’t take very long to master. Once you get the basics right, it is a matter of waiting and whipping – again and again and AGAIN!

And in my true style, I have perfected the “eggless” ice cream recipe for y’all. And yes, I make mine without an ice cream machine. Definitely time consuming, but so worth it! Try it, you’ll be surprised!¬†This recipe yields a rich, creamy restaurant quality ice cream using very basic ingredients like milk and sugar!¬† (more…)

Fruit Popsicles

Fresh fruit popsicles are healthy and super fun treats to beat the summer heat! Learn how to make these frozen fruit ice pops with my step by step pictorial…

fruit I’m a rock-star!!!”….. is what you’ll feel when you successfully make your first Popsicle.

It is not a difficult recipe at all. 1) Make a juice. 2) Pour into the Popsicle Mold. 3) Freeze overnight. 4) Pull out the Popsicle and lick away, my friend!

The simple joys of pulling out your first popsicle can’t really be explained. The foolish grin, the¬†I-can-do-anything attitude and the mesmerized looks of people around you are reasons enough to make fruit Popsicle every single day. Especially during summer time. Instead of reaching out for a soda or an ice cream, opt for a fruit popsicle instead. It is made from fresh fruit, no added preservatives and hence – so much healthier!