How to make Coconut Milk

Learn how to make Coconut Milk at home with this easy to follow step by step recipe! And fair warning: You may never used the canned stuff ever again!

How to make Coconut Milk Recipe | DIY Homemade Coconut Milk written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of     I apologize.

You weren’t supposed to see my pudgy, stout fingers. *Hides Face* Yes, those fingers are my bane of existence. Despite all those extra pounds in the wrong areas and a capsicum-like nose, I truly love all of me…. except these fingers! They just make me look …. weird! :-/ But, I really did like this concept of shooting Coconut Milk and didn’t find a suitable hand model at the time. So voila! Here you go — unveiling my hand for the world to see! 😛

But let’s focus on the Coconut Milk on my hand, shall we? (more…)

How to Freeze Pizza Dough

Learn how to freeze pizza dough so that you could have fresh homemade pizza or other bread treats whenever you want!

How to Freeze Pizza Dough - Quick Tutorial | Baking 101 So you’ve successfully made a batch of pizza dough and you’ve impressed your loved ones with a spectacular pizza. And then you find you have leftovers and can’t really have any more pizza for the day. What do you do? Discard the dough? Nuh-uh!! The yeasty dough works beautifully well even after it is frozen!

I usually make a large batch of the dough, divide into smaller batches and freeze the dough. Forget about delivery pizza. Just keep a couple dough balls in the freezer, and you’ll be able to whip up a homemade pizza faster than you could have one delivered. With this, you could also make other innovative recipes like pinwheels, chilli rolls, cilantro rolls, garlic dough bites etc! (more…)

How to Proof Yeast

A step by step tutorial on How to Proof Yeast. Proofing Active Dry Yeast makes sure the yeast is alive to work on the dough it is being used for….

How to Proof Yeast Tutorial | DIY Proofing Active Dry Yeast Proofing Yeast makes sure your active dry yeast is “alive” and ready to bake with. If you are a regular bread baker, you know how important yeast is for your dough to rise and ultimately give you that spongy bread texture we all know and love. To bake the perfect bread, you need good quality yeast to start off with and a good environment to facilitate its growth.

Whenever you intend to bake with active dry yeast, it is a good idea to test to make sure the yeast is alive. The act of testing to see if yeast is alive is called proofing. Proofing rapid rise or instant yeast is not required or recommended. If the yeast you have in your cupboard is dead, no amount of environment will help it become a productive leavening agent.  (more…)

Cream Cheese Frosting

Homemade cream cheese frosting from scratch recipe for frosting cupcakes and cookies!

Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe | How to make from scratch If you live in a country where cream cheese is not easily available, then this is the recipe for you! All I do is separate milk solids from milk and make a creamy & luscious frosting that no one can believe is not made from commercial cream cheese! 🙂 Oh and if you have any leftover, throw in some eggs and bake for a quick cheesecake filling!