Chocolate Spider Web

Decorating your desserts has never been as easy as making a simple chocolate spider web! Melt chocolate, draw a stencil, pipe the chocolate onto the stencil and voila! Chocolate spider webs ready!

Chocolate Spider Web Tutorial | Easy Chocolate Decorations

Are you one of those who stress out before a party? Does planning a menu (especially desserts!) take forever? Well then I’ve got a solution for you, my friend!

3 words: Chocolate. Spider. Web

A simple decoration that you could make as big or small as you want, these webs are one of the quickest things you’ll make with chocolate – ever! Let us try our hand at amateur tempering! 🙂 Of course, when I say “tempering”, I don’t mean the actual long process of melting the chocolate, bringing down the temperature, adding more chocolate yada yada… I only mean let us melt chocolate in the best way we know how and make it work for us!

Buy some good quality chocolate, get out your drawing book and let’s make a chocolate spider web! (more…)

How to make Chenna Cheese

Learn how to make Chenna Cheese at home with this simple step by step tutorial – use this milk cheese for a variety of dishes!

How to make Chenna Cheese at home Recipe | Milk Cheese written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of
Chenna or Chhenna or Chhanna… differently spelled, but refers to a cheese obtained by curdling milk – similar to that of making homemade Paneer. It is a fresh, unripened cheese make from whole milk that looks crumbly and forms the perfect base for many Indian desserts. It is similar to Ricotta cheese and much softer than paneer.

Not much is required to make Chenna at home, except a few basic but important ingredients. First, the right kind of MILK. Full fat whole milk (preferably buffalo’s) works the best for this cheese. But you can make do with most milks, if you aren’t too particular about the richness of the cheese. Secondly, you need to use something to curdle the milk. You can use lemon juice, citric acid, vinegar or even some kind of yogurt. I’ve always found lemon juice to work the best. Just use enough to separate the milk particles from the whey. Once you’ve got that figured, you only have to filter and squeeze out extra water. (more…)

Indian Masala Chai

A lot can be said about the Indian Masala Chai – this one of a kind, spiced, rejuvenating hot drink can jump-start your day!

Indian Masala Chai Tutorial | Indian Spiced Tea Recipe
You don’t NEED a recipe to make Masala Chai. What you need is a quick walk-though of the method adopted by Indians to make their daily cuppa tea.

I’m not much of a tea or coffee drinker. But I know people who cannot live without 1-2 cups of tea everyday. This Indian Tea has a larger milk content, thus making it milder than its western counterpart. What I’ve shown here is only a sample of how we make tea. You could easily add or leave out as many spices as you like… as long as the flavors blend well together! 🙂

Use your common sense while choosing what spices to use for your tea. Pre-made spice mixes are a no-no, since they come with salt content and other preservatives! Use whole spices like Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Nutemeg etc… spices that you wouldn’t mind using in a dessert!   (more…)

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

My basic vanilla ice cream from scratch couldn’t be any easier! Using simple ingredients, you can now whip up a high quality ice cream at home!

How to make Basic Vanilla Ice Cream at home | Step by step pictorial | Art of making ice cream from scratch | Eggless ice cream recipes | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

I’m sharing a basic vanilla ice cream recipe with you today.

There are different ways of making ice cream. With eggs, without eggs, with cream, half and half or milk, with ice cream machine or without it, French style, American style and so on…! Making ice cream is an art that doesn’t take very long to master. Once you get the basics right, it is a matter of waiting and whipping – again and again and AGAIN!

And in my true style, I have perfected the “eggless” ice cream recipe for y’all. And yes, I make mine without an ice cream machine. Definitely time consuming, but so worth it! Try it, you’ll be surprised! This recipe yields a rich, creamy restaurant quality ice cream using very basic ingredients like milk and sugar!  (more…)