Noodle Frankie

Noodle Frankie is extremely popular in my college. A thin tortilla stuffed with red hot noodles and other spices and rolled like a Burrito makes it an absolute delight to munch on during breaks. Bit by the nostalgia bug, (I graduated in March) I decided to recreate the same roll at home. And I believe I almost succeeded. A bit of tailoring the recipe here and there would give me the perfect homemade Noodle Burrito I’ve been looking for. What you see here is the perfect Noodle Frankie recipe (I hope so!). (more…)

Cold Pasta Salad

Disclaimer: The idea of a cold pasta is still weird for me. And even weirder is the dressing I used for this. I don’t guarantee the ‘taste’ because I didn’t eat this. However, my brother, who usually eats everything I make, relished every bite. So if you trust his opinion, then go ahead with it. 😛 However, I will tell you this: This is a MUCH healthier option than a Mayo or Béchamel sauce. (more…)

Spaghetti with Bean Balls

I love having people make food for my blog! I believe it is a welcome change from my usual style! 😛 😀 Today, I’m pleased to welcome my close friend Swati over to share her Spaghetti recipe with us! Over to SWAT~~~

This is my first major attempt at cooking and blogging, so kindly excuse me if I am not as great at it as Ms. RK here. When she told me about her blog, I googled it immediately and loved what I read. Her recipes are clear, the pictures are drool-worthy and they somehow make you want to cook, if you know what I mean.
So anyway, here I am guest-blogging away to glory on Spaghetti with bean-balls. This is a vegetarian version of the quintessential Spaghetti with meat balls. It tastes really good and my brother wiped his plate clean 😉