Paneer Fennal Rice ~ pressure cooker

Paneer is the evergreen ingredient used in Indian cuisines! This is a new flavor I tried using Cottage Cheese and Fennel seeds and it turned out to be awesome! Yet again, this is a pressure cooker recipe. You can also make it on a vessel with a lid. But pressure cooker just makes my life simple! (more…)

Corn & Mint Pulao ~ pressure cooker

If you don’t own a pressure cooker, I suggest you get one soon. I’ve lost count of the number of dishes you can make using this beauty! Being south Indians, we eat rice everyday. Apart from just cooking plain rice, you could do a million different dishes by just changing a few ingredients! The best thing about a pressure cooker is you don’t have to monitor it once its on the flame. (more…)

Jeera Rice | Cumin Pilaf

Here’s one of the simplest one pot meal recipes from the archive.Jeera (means cumin) Rice is cumin flavored rice. Whenever you’re pressed for time and you are out of veggies, you can turn to this fail proof recipe. Pair it with Raita and you’re good to go! 🙂 I’ve made this so many times when mum’s away and I’m starving! 😀 I use a pressure cooker for this but feel free to use a Rice cooker too.