Bhindi Masala

Simple, low fat Maharashtian style Bhindi Masala (Okra stir fry) made with my favorite spice blend – Godaaa!
Bhindi Masala Recipe | Easy Maharashtrian Okra fry with Goda Masala | Bhendi Fry with Goda Masala | Easy stir fried veggies | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of After potatoes, okra is my most favorite vegetable in the whole world! Maybe I’m a little biased, but I only have it with rice. I think rice + okra is a powerful combination.

I have 2 favorite methods of cooking Bhindi (okra) – The south Indian stir fry way… and more recently, the Maharashtrian bhindi masala way with extra dose of Goda Masala!

Ever since I discovered the secret to Goda, I’ve been using it generously in all my stir fried veggie dishes. It’s a great spice mixture – even better than garam masala in some cases. I believe this is (almost) how Maharashtrians make their Bhindi masala. (more…)

Lemon Rice

You can have this south Indian style lemon rice with any curry; but it is also great on its own!

Lemon Rice Recipe | How to make South Indian style Lemon Rice South Indians have an undying relationship with Rice. We love it despite all the notoriety it has gained over the years. I certainly don’t preach eating high carbs all the time; but it is hard to think of barley or quinoa when we’ve been growing up on rice. At the end of the day, if we’re all eating what we’ve been eating since childhood whilst maintaining an active lifestyle, I really don’t think a little rice could do so much damage to your health.

Lemon Rice is one such quick one pot meal that is very common and popular in the South Indian households. I bet every family makes this in their own way. The citrus-y flavored rice tempered with classic south Indian ingredients like asafetida and mustard is a great lunch box option as well. Here’s how easy it is to put together our lemon rice –  (more…)

Vegetable Pulao with Raita

This is my go to recipe for making vegetable pulao in the pressure cooker. A simple one pot meal to put together at any time!

Vegetable Pulao and Raita Recipe | How to make Pulav in Pessure Cooker I’m now seriously wondering how many rice dishes I can convince you to make. After baking, making one pot meals seems to be my most favorite thing to do. And why not??? When you can have flavorful, piping hot Pilaf in under 30 minutes, making this is the intelligent thing to do; especially when you’re short for time and longing to eat a meal fit for the kings!

Vegetable Pulao is an Indian rice based dish that is made with aromatic long grained rice (called Basmati) and a mixture of various dry spices, veggies and fruits & nuts. Although this recipe is made in the Pressure Cooker, you can just as easily adapt this onto a pan with high sides. Having a pressure cooker just makes your job easier.

And to serve, you can make any spicy curry / gravy based dish or a simple “Raita” – which is nothing but diced onions, cucumbers, etc. mixed with salted yogurt. The cooling effect of the Raita and the spicy Pulao together make a heavenly combo!   (more…)

Garlic Fried Rice

Bite by bite, this Garlic Fried Rice will disappear right before your eyes! A quick one pot meal to put together – making the best use of leftover rice or veggies!

Garlic Fried Rice Recipe | Quick & Easy Indo-Chinese One Pot Meals I’m a Bonafide Garlic Lover. And I’m in Garlic Heaven.

Because of Garlic Fried Rice.

Have you ever felt sheer joy from eating good food? Well, this Garlic Fried Rice can induce that wonderful comatose feeling –  because you just can’t stop at one mouthful. Two things will happen as you finish the over-sized plate of this rice in front of you – 1) A foolish grin gets plastered on that gorgeous face of yours. 2) You realize that no matter how “nice” you are, there is a “greedy devil” in you waiting to finish the entire batch of this rice hoping no one comes to claim their share.  (more…)