Minty Fruit ‘n’ Nut Rice

Fruit 'n' Nut Rice

I’m crazy about Mint.

I think its high time I made that confession. Or you’ll probably think I don’t know how to innovate, considering SO many of my recipes contain mint in them. πŸ˜‰

This is one of those meals I made when Mom was out and I had to fend for myself. Every time I create a new recipe for a one pot Rice dish, I marvel at myself for cooking so well! I’m not an egoistic brat. But I just happen to be my own favorite chef! If you love dry fruits & nuts – chances are you’ll love this dish too! (more…)

Minty Sesame & Peas Rice

My love for Rice is no secret. I’ve discontinued gym trainers because of their disapproval of me eating rice πŸ˜› Stories of how rice will make me fat fail to convert me into a rice hater. If I have to, I’ll fill Foodomania with rice recipes galore! πŸ˜‰ But don’t worry, that’s not gonna happen. I’m a patsy of diversity. But every now and then, I am gonna post a Rice recipe and you are going to read it patiently. Because believe me, Rice is awesome! πŸ˜› (more…)

Chow Chow Kootu | Chayote & Lentil Stew

Even the most obsessive gourmand would love to keep a few humble dishes in their repertoire to cook up & have every now and then. What this dish lacks in the “looks” department – it more than makes up for in the taste & after-effects department. So light is this on your stomach that you’ll not feel sluggish or lazy after a meal of rice and this stew. In South India, we call this “Chow Chow Kootu”. Kootu is just a stew. (more…)

Breadcrumb Pasta (Pasta con il Pangrattato)

Most of my ‘good recipes’ come as a result of leftovers or a situation that demands quick innovative cooking. It was the same with this recipe. I had some leftover breadcrumbs in the fridge; and a pesky brother bugging me to make something tasty, lest Mother feeds him Idli. As much as we all love the South Indian Idli, it is not something that we would eat everyday. Especially when you have Spaghetti at home. And hence, I set about to make my version of the Breadcrumb Pasta. Most of the recipes I found online had a ton of olive oil as the sauce base. I didn’t want that. Hence, I made my own sauce base which turned out to be much more flavorful than a simple olive oil sauce! This is a simple assembly job that takes no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. (more…)