Microwave Poha ~ a quick breakfast / snack

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “Poha is the best snack you’ll ever have.” Many people would disagree. But then again, I say that about almost every dish; which is probably why I’ll never be a food critic. The idea of criticizing food is appalling. (I know that’s not all food critics do. I’m just merely saying I cannot analyze food that way.) Every dish has some cons and many pros. I tend to concentrate on the pros. Poha, which is a snack made with flattened rice happens to have a check in all the pros. 🙂 (more…)

Potato Biryani | Spiced Potato Rice

I had a gym trainer. She told me to give up Rice. So I fired her. 😛 One of the things I pray for is to have Rice in my life every single day! 😀 I’m a hardcore Rice fanatic. I seriously oppose those who try to demonize Rice. I cannot survive on Salads for lunch or dinner. My mind gets numb without the carbs from Rice. So well acquainted I am with most kinds of rice that I can cook them any way I desire! Biryani is one of my favorite Rice dishes. (more…)

Peas Rice with Crunchy Cottage Cheese

It was going to be Feta Cheese. And I was going to call this ‘Feta Peas Rice’. But do you know how much Feta Cheese costs at the nearby supermarket? It costs an arm! I’m not a gourmand who loves spending big bucks for tiny pieces of gourmet cheese. I’d rather use local ingredients to make a good hearty meal… I even made this Cottage Cheese at home. (more…)

Buttered Rice | Neychoru ~ Malabar Special

Let me make a statement : “All it takes is a few basic ingredients and you can make anything to your liking!” Am I Right or Am I Right? 😀 Try this delicately spiced, super easy one pot meal from the lands of Kerala. This happens to be one of my favorite week night meals. When you’re too tired to make elaborate dishes, this is the perfect answer! (more…)