Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

These mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies are the most elegant sweet treats I’ve ever made.

Eggless Red Velvet Whoopie Pies Recipe with step by step pictures by Kavitha Ramaswamy of

Oh, how pretty are these red velvet whoopie pies??

A visual delight, divinely tasty, sinful, creamy, soft and above all – as simple as a recipe can be! I do a lot of chocolate desserts.. so much so that I am starting to feel like I’ve run out of ideas for chocolate cake recipes! (i hope not). When my friend expressed her dislike for chocolate (seriously, how?!) and fondness for red velvet, I decided to whip up these cute little red velvet whoopie pies for her.    (more…)

Over 100 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Over 100 easy to prepare & delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes to impress your loved ones! 🙂

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

From eggless chocolate cakes, cookies brownies to frozen treats like parfaits, trifles, granitas… I’ve compiled a list of easy to make and delicious sweet treats that you can make for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day! 🙂 You don’t need to be married / in a relationship to celebrate this day. It’s all about spreading love and joy and you can do that by making one or more of these super simple treats! 😉

Ready for the sugar rude? 🙂 Let’s get started! (more…)

Pie Sticks

Pie Sticks Recipe

Call me a cheater again, but I just could not wait to share this simple snack with you. I call ’em Pie Sticks. Cute heh?


Because I made these with the leftover pie crust dough! — Brushed them with my homemade Piri Piri spice.

Baked them at 220C. — And ate them all by myself. Hot from the oven! 😉 (more…)

Fresh Vegetable Crostata & Turnovers

Meet my 2 latest obsessions : Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Turnovers

Vegetable Crostata Recipe

Vegetable Crostata and Summer Vegetable Tart are basically the same thing – in different forms.

So yeah… posting Vegetable Crostata as a separate post may be construed as “cheating” on my part!

But guys. You know what? These are so pretty that I did not want to take the attention away from them by posting Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Tart in one post! Fair enough? (more…)