Paneer Tikka Subway Sandwich

Paneer Tikka Subway Sandwich

Paneer Tikka Subway Sandwich | Vegetarian Indian Subs | Kavitha ramaswamy of


Fresh cubes of paneer delicately spiced with garam masala and sandwiched between fresh veggies in a hot and soft roll!

I’ve made a Subway-inspired Sandwich before. The success of that recipe inspired me to recreate some of my favorite Subs with an Indian twist. This paneer tikka subway sandwich combines the fine art of sandwich making with classic North Indian flavors. Unlike a typical paneer tikka masala, this recipe for Paneer tikka doesn’t call for too many ingredients. With a tonne of protein packed into a little sandwich, this is also a great healthy option for snack or lunch or dinner time.   (more…)

Nacho Bread Rolls

These Nacho Bread Rolls (Or Nachos Pizza Bites) are little pieces of Bread Rolls stuffed with the Nachos Filling… A really quick and tasty Mexican vegan snack!

Nacho Bread Rolls Recipe | Nachos Pizza Bites | Tasty & Quick Mexican Vegan Appetizers by | Written by Kavitha RamaswamyYou’re looking at Mexicawsomeness.

See what I did there? Mexican Awesomeness is equal to Mexicawsomeness. Fair Enough? Or is that really lame? Well, I think we’re way past the I’m-such-a-sophisticated-food-blogger phase. I think you will forgive me for inventing such silly names to describe recipes like these nacho bread rolls!

Because truly, these nacho rolls are one of the greatest appetizers ever. I say that all the time, I know. But if you’re a fan of Mexican food or you each a lot of nachos, do me a favor – try these nacho bread rolls next time you have some leftover bean / beef filling. (more…)

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa or Dosai is a south Indian savory Crepe filled with a mixture of cooked potatoes and onions!
Masala Dosa Recipe | South Indian Breakfast Masal Dosai

I wanted to start this post with a bunch of yummy noises.

Then I realized how stupid that would look.

And now I’m beating myself up for telling that to you.

Don’t judge, okay! There’s an in-built system in me that gets me all drooly and excited when I think of Masala Dosa! 😀 (more…)

Potato Rolls

These fluffy potato rolls are perfect for an elaborate dinner … served with hot soup!

Potato Rolls Recipe | Easy Vegan Potato Bread
These potato rolls taste a lot better than they look!

These photographs don’t do justice to the recipe for Potato Rolls.

Blame me for being impatient, non-creative and downright lazy for that.

But please, do not turn away from making these damningly delicious potato bread rolls! 😀  (more…)