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  • Vanilla & Prune Scones

    Make a fresh batch of Vanilla scented Prune Scones to get your house smelling like a heavenly baking store!

    Vanilla and Prune Scones | Best Eggless Scones Step by Step Recipe How did it take me 22 years of my life to try my first scone?! You should sue me for gross negligence! 😛

    Actually, we don’t really have the concept of a “scone” in India. I’ve never seen any bakery sell scones here. (If you know of any, please – do tell!). But I’m glad I went ahead and tried these. The Vanilla extract used in here gave a wonderful scent to the Scones and the Prunes was just the much needed additional “healthy” ingredient to this otherwise sinful quick-bread! 🙂 (more…)

  • American
  • Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

    Mini Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls ~ feed your chocolate addiction!

    Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

    Why is cinnamon roll so famous in Europe and USA?

    I’m really curious.

    While I haven’t really had a Cinnamon Bun before, I have seen enough TV shows & movies to realize this is one of the all time favorites. Which is why I decided I would make these.

    But the problem is … (more…)

  • Christmas
  • Lemon Posset

    Lemon Posset may be the easiest citrus treat you’ll ever make and love!

    Lemon Posset Recipe

    And I’m saying this despite having a super simple Lemon Ice Granita recipe under my belt. So you can imagine just how easy this is. The Lemon Posset recipe uses  just 3 (or 4) ingredients, takes less than 5 minutes of your cooking time and gives you a tangy pudding like dessert that you will attack within minutes of removing from the fridge! (more…)