Chocolate Ganache

Heard of Ganache? (read: guh-naash) It is a spread or filling or icing made with heavy cream and chocolate. It is smooth & velvety! It is very very easy to make! They are different ways of making the Ganache. It can be a thick paste, or a semi-liquid. It can be made with dark chocolate or milk chocolate. There can be more of chocolate or more of cream! It all really depends on how you want your frosting to be! I usually like equal amounts of milk chocolate & heavy cream. (more…)

Chocolate Mousse Caramel Ganache Cake

Baking and decorating a cake for a birthday, according to me, is one of the sweetest things you can do for someone you care about. But then, its probably the food blogger in me talking! 😀 Anyhoo, exactly one month ago, on this very same day, I launched my new blog. To celebrate the successful completion of its 1 month anniversary, here’s a delicious cake! (more…)