Instant Strawberry Mousse

Instant Strawberry Mousse made in the microwave with fresh strawberries, marshmallow & cream! Easiest mousse ever!

Instant Strawberry Mousse Recipe | Quick Marshmallow Mousse It is official – I’m hooked on to Mousse.

I did it once. I did it once more. And I did it again.

I’m sorry, but making mousse just got a hell lot easier and I’m not stopping till I exhaust all options! With this instant strawberry mousse, I just eliminated the stove-top cooking time! Come on, who’s impressed? 🙂 You should be, because this means all you need is a microwave (which I’m sure 9/10 of you reading this would have) and a few minutes at your disposal to actually mix everything together to make this scrumptious strawberry mousse.

With less than 4 days left for Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t be looking to complicate things too much. The best things in life come easy…. and that includes my latest concoction – Instant Strawberry Mousse! (more…)

Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes frosted and filled with eggless chocolate mousse! A delightful treat for all ages!

Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes Recipe | Eggless Mousse filled cupcakes

It is Saturday. And I am going to kill you with Chocolate.

Okay. Of course I am not going to “kill” you. But you might just die sitting and looking at these frawesome (freaking+awesome) cupcakes! Don’t you just wish you had one of these beauties in your hands right now? C’mon! I know you want it! 😉

That’s okay. I have no self control either. Not when 2 of my favorite desserts are combined into one. As if discovering the secret to Eggless Chocolate Mousse weren’t enough, I had to go ahead and fill up some homemade chocolate cupcakes with this mousse. And still my craving for the 2 didn’t reduce so I frosted them with the mousse too. I feel like I just stole all of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate – and made one of the most deliciously infectious cupcakes!   (more…)

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Light & Airy eggless chocolate mousse recipe using real chocolate and no gelatin!

Eggless Chocolate Mousse Recipe | Easy Chilled Agar Agar Treats
Light & Airy Chocolate Mousse!

I’m having a Eureka moment here, folks!

Did you know that folding in whipped cream in a pudding mixture and then setting it to chill will give you a wonderfully rich and airy mousse? Neither did I – not until I tried this recipe. And then everything changed.

I was happy and content with my Instant Chocolate Mousse. But let’s face it – not everyone has access to marshmallows, let alone the vegan / vegetarian kind! I feel like I’m doing a great service to the vegetarian people by sharing this recipe! Try this and then come back here to thank me! 🙂 (more…)

Strawberry Marshmallow Pudding

Eggless Strawberry Marshmallow Pudding made in the microwave in under 10 minutes is the perfect chilled dessert for any occasion!

Strawberry Marshmallow Pudding Recipe | Quick Eggless Pudding Freeze. Don’t move.

Not until you get an image of this berrilicious pudding etched into the walls of your brain.

Got it? Now what? Go make it! Just hear me out, okay? This pudding will give you the craziest gastrorgasm ever! And all it takes is 5 minutes of microwave time and 2 minutes of stirring time. You really want to let go of an experience like this? Naah, I don’t think so. 😛 Let me try to hypnotize you with some more images of this party-in-a-glass! (more…)