Chocolate Seduction Cake

Super rich and delicious chocolate seduction cake ~ a chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with caramel flavored dark chocolate truffle frosting! Warning: Not for the fainthearted!

Chocolate Seduction Cake Recipe | The Ultimate Best  Chocolate Cake

Welcome to 2014! 🙂

A little overdose of Chocolate is just what we all need to start off this year on a sweet note!

And the name – Chocolate Seduction Cake – is just apt. You would literally be seduced to have another bite of this chocolate cake – and that wouldn’t be the last time either!  (more…)

Caramel Cookies and Cream Milkshake

This Caramel Cookies and Cream Milkshake is a spin on the traditional milkshake recipe. Adding caramel sauce to the milkshake mixture just takes it up a notch!
Caramel Cookies and Cream Milkshake Recipe You no longer have to know how to bake a cake or cookie to impress your guests / loved ones! Just make this caramel cookies and cream milkshake for them and watch them get lost in the world of utter deliciousness!

I’m not saying making a cake is difficult. In fact, with my step by step pictorial to guide you, I don’t think ANY recipe (at least on Foodomania) is difficult. {shameless self promotion – I know! 🙂 }. But I’m just saying you make this milkshake once and you won’t bother looking at any other sweet treat ever again!   (more…)

Death by Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate cake topped with lots of chocolate components to make this double decker Death by Chocolate Cake…Chocolate Lovers only!!

Death by Chocolate Cake Recipe | Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Eggless)
Too much chocolate is always a good thing!

You are looking at about half a kilo of chocolate there.

Chocolate cakes, chocolate truffle, chocolate ganache, chocolate candies…all put together in one recipe. I could go on and on about how divine this creation is, but I’m not going to.

I don’t think I need to, because the name says it all. Death by Chocolate. A cake so rich in Chocolate that you’d feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven with just a tiny slice of it!   (more…)

Hoagie Roll

You can now make soft hoagie roll for your submarine sandwiches at home!

Hoagie Roll Recipe | Soft Italian Bread for Submarine Sandwich/Hot Dog

I know 9 / 10 of you will look, admire and move on.

Because who needs to put in hard work when you can get a Hoagie Roll in the nearby bakery, right? WRONG. YOU need to put in the hard work and make this bread to truly appreciate the work of yeast! 🙂 That magical ingredient that transforms this into a soft bread-y heaven! (more…)