Pie Sticks

Pie Sticks Recipe

Call me a cheater again, but I just could not wait to share this simple snack with you. I call ’em Pie Sticks. Cute heh?


Because I made these with the leftover pie crust dough! — Brushed them with my homemade Piri Piri spice.

Baked them at 220C. — And ate them all by myself. Hot from the oven! 😉 (more…)

Fresh Vegetable Crostata & Turnovers

Meet my 2 latest obsessions : Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Turnovers

Vegetable Crostata Recipe

Vegetable Crostata and Summer Vegetable Tart are basically the same thing – in different forms.

So yeah… posting Vegetable Crostata as a separate post may be construed as “cheating” on my part!

But guys. You know what? These are so pretty that I did not want to take the attention away from them by posting Vegetable Crostata and Vegetable Tart in one post! Fair enough? (more…)

Summer Vegetable Tart

Summer Vegetable Tart. That’s a nice  sounding name for a recipe… isn’t it? I totally made that up!

And why not? All I’m using are fresh Summer Vegetables on a homemade pie crust and baking it… So what else could I name this beauty but for a “Summer Vegetable Tart”? (If you have any interesting ideas, leave them in the comments below!)

Summer Vegetable Tart Recipe

The naming aside, how pretty is this tart? I mean – it would be if YOU made it. Me? I’m so not elegant to produce a fancy chef-y lookin’ Tart… But honestly – caramelized veggies.. on a flaky crust… can’t get any better than that! You know what I’m talkin’ about right? 😉 (more…)

Apple Upside Down Cake

Apple Upside Down Cake Recipe

This is the first time I tried baking with a fruit. (Well, I’m not counting the Banana Cake because it was more bread-y than cakey.) An Apple Upside down cake is an elegant tea time treat. (Oh, don’t even bother with the “time to eat” coz we all know there’s no “one” perfect time for a piece of cake!) Honestly, we’re not big fans of “cooked / baked fruit”. The concept is so new around here that when I cut myself a slice of this utterly gorgeous looking cake, I was NOT prepared for the caramel covered apple slice! (more…)