Pain Au Chocolat – French Chocolate Bread

A few days ago, I posted a long recipe for Croissants. It took me 50 hours of work to get that post ready for you. Thankfully, I had some dough left over and decided to make Chocolate croissants.

Do you know how long that took? 15 minutes of my time.

Which brings me to the conclusion – skip the hard work and buy puff pastry from the stores! 🙂 (more…)

Homemade Croissants

{Disclaimer: I’ve tried to keep it as short and simple as possible. And yet, there are over 50 photographs in the post. Since this is a particularly tricky recipe, I did not want to leave out any step. Scroll to the end of this page if you want to skip the step by step pictorial and just get a Printable version of the recipe for Croissants.}
A croissant is a beautiful, flaky and buttery pastry roll, shaped into a crescent (hence the name) – that is often eaten for breakfast in France and other southern European countries. It is made from a leavened form of puff pastry that is rolled, layered with butter and chilled several times before baking. Its creation, although time-consuming, is well worth the effort. Its a kind of treat that you wouldn’t appreciate fully until you’ve seen or experienced the hard work that goes into the creation of every roll. (more…)

Chocolate Cakey-Pudding Pie

I’ve been waiting for a ‘special’ event to post this elaborate recipe only because it is so fancy and delicious… and took me many many hours to get it right! And I don’t know if reaching a milestone counts as ‘special’ – but I’m super excited to hit the 10,000 subscribers mark on Facebookexactly 6 months since its launch! So I guess this fancy cakey pudding pie justifies both – the Facebook page’s half year anniversary doubled with it joining the 10k subscribers league! 🙂 (more…)

French Fougasse

One year ago, if you told me I would be making Fougasse, I would have laughed at the possibility. The idea of having to wait hours for a piece of bread just wasn’t my.. thing. And yet, here I am today, knee deep into this amazing world of food blogging with no plans of going back; making my own bread! And a pretty good one at that. Fougasse (pronounced as foo-gaas) is a French bread similar to the Italian Focaccia. It may look like a leaf, a tree or wheat stalk (or any shape you prefer). The slits in the bread make it easy to pull apart once baked! And I made it! 😀 (more…)