Caramel Chocolate Tart

I hated Dark Chocolate. And then I made this tart. I’m a convert now. 😉 If you haven’t experienced a yummy slice of caramel and chocolate tart…. you haven’t experienced the full potential of Chocolate yet! This, ladies  & gentlemen, is the sweet elixir of life! Unbelievably delicious, yet not overpoweringly sweet, this quick & easy Tart is something every homo sapien must try! 😉 And with my (not-so-good-looking-yet-simple) step by step pictorial, you can now make it too! 😀 (more…)

Bechamel Sauce | White Sauce

how to make white sauce recipe | bechamel sauce recipe

White sauce (also known as Bechamel Sauce) undoubtedly is the mother of all sauces. And when something is so universally liked, and so easy to make, one ought to know how to make it! I’ve made this sauce so many times and every time, I add a little variation. But the basic version of the white sauce has very few requirements – milk, flour, butter, salt and pepper. (more…)