Bread Pizza Cups

Make these cute bread pizza cups for a new and innovative snack! P.S: Kids will love them!
Bread Pizza Cups Recipe | Easy Snacks | Fun things to do with bread

Bread Pizza is often a go-to snack in our household. There couldn’t be anything easier to make on short notice. However, when time permits, why not go the extra mile and make these little bread pizza cups? Although they taste the same as a bread pizza, the (little extra) effort that goes into making these bread cups does not go unnoticed. And it is really fun to be eating cupcake-lookalike made of bread and filled with pizza toppings, don’t you think?  (more…)

Pizza Dough Ravioli

Pizza Dough Ravioli are fancy baked breads that you’ll love to eat!

Pizza Dough Ravioli Recipe

Did I just say Pizza Dough Ravioli?

Yes I did.


Well… Why not? 😀 They’re easy to make and everybody loves ’em! And let’s just admit. They look cute and enticing. (more…)