Schezwan Fried Rice

If you’re looking for a simple, Chinese inspired recipe, you must make this one-pot meal called Schezwan Fried Rice!
Schezwan Fried Rice Recipe | Spicy Chinese Sichuan Rice

No matter which part of the world you’re from, I’m sure (hoping) you would have had Chinese (inspired) cuisine at least once in your life.

And if you have had Chinese Food, chances are – you keep going back for more and more. The spicy food is so addicting that in some countries like India, we have a whole cuisine called “Indo-Chinese” cuisine dedicated to Chinese inspired foods.

This Schezwan Fried Rice is one of the one pot wonders of the Indo Chinese Cuisine. I’m not sure how “authentically Chinese” this dish really is, but I do know that a lot of Chinese techniques are used in the making of this dish and it does taste (according to me) like a very good interpretation of Chinese Food.  (more…)

Pizza Dough Ravioli

Pizza Dough Ravioli are fancy baked breads that you’ll love to eat!

Pizza Dough Ravioli Recipe

Did I just say Pizza Dough Ravioli?

Yes I did.


Well… Why not? 😀 They’re easy to make and everybody loves ’em! And let’s just admit. They look cute and enticing. (more…)

Potato Poppers

Potato Poppers : An interesting cheesy, baked Potato Appetizer

Potato Poppers Recipe

Interesting doesn’t even begin to explain the cheesy goodness of these Potato Poppers. One day, I found myself with boiled potatoes and nothing to do. I had made so many burgers that I thought I’d d something different this time.

I grated a good amount of mozzarella into the mashed potatoes, threw in a bunch of herbs and voila! had a delicious mix that went on to taste even better when shallow fried. And since I used tiny toothpicks to serve them, I named them as “Potato Poppers(more…)

Corn Burger

Homemade Corn Burger is … simply the best!

Corn Burger Recipe

Imagine: Lightly spiced corn-potato patties.. with a nice and crispy texture yet soft inside.. almost bordering on juicy! (emphasis on the word: almost. It is not a beef burger. It is a corn burger. There is only so much a vegetarian can do to emulate meat dishes! ;)) (more…)