Quinoa Bites

These Quinoa Bites are  healthy, low fat and packed with flavor! You can deep fry / shallow fry or make them like patties – there are guaranteed to be loved by all!

Quinoa Bites Recipe | Healthy Savory Quinoa Fritters | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com

These quinoa bites have turned out to be the new mini-comfort slash healthy food I’m craving these days. I’ve got a thing for appetizers. And the mini-er they get, the cuter they look and the less guilty I feel for the never ending indulgence. 🙂

But with this simple recipe for crispy quinoa bites, I’m combining my love for mini version of food with a healthier way of cooking and a new ingredient that I’ve never really cooked with before!

The Verdict – Well, quinoa is an exotic ingredient in India. Unlike a potato, it does not  just blend into the mixture adopting whatever flavor you give it. Quinoa lends its own flavors to whatever you are cooking. And to truly like and appreciate quinoa, it is necessary to nail the texture. If you’ve never tasted quinoa before, you might have to get used to the nuttier flavor it provides. And these quinoa bites can definitely be the first thing you try with quinoa. They’re easy to make, simplicity of flavors, healthy and are probably an example of the best use of this ingredient. (more…)

Nacho Bread Rolls

These Nacho Bread Rolls (Or Nachos Pizza Bites) are little pieces of Bread Rolls stuffed with the Nachos Filling… A really quick and tasty Mexican vegan snack!

Nacho Bread Rolls Recipe | Nachos Pizza Bites | Tasty & Quick Mexican Vegan Appetizers by Foodomania.com | Written by Kavitha RamaswamyYou’re looking at Mexicawsomeness.

See what I did there? Mexican Awesomeness is equal to Mexicawsomeness. Fair Enough? Or is that really lame? Well, I think we’re way past the I’m-such-a-sophisticated-food-blogger phase. I think you will forgive me for inventing such silly names to describe recipes like these nacho bread rolls!

Because truly, these nacho rolls are one of the greatest appetizers ever. I say that all the time, I know. But if you’re a fan of Mexican food or you each a lot of nachos, do me a favor – try these nacho bread rolls next time you have some leftover bean / beef filling. (more…)

Garlic Fried Rice

Bite by bite, this Garlic Fried Rice will disappear right before your eyes! A quick one pot meal to put together – making the best use of leftover rice or veggies!

Garlic Fried Rice Recipe | Quick & Easy Indo-Chinese One Pot Meals I’m a Bonafide Garlic Lover. And I’m in Garlic Heaven.

Because of Garlic Fried Rice.

Have you ever felt sheer joy from eating good food? Well, this Garlic Fried Rice can induce that wonderful comatose feeling –  because you just can’t stop at one mouthful. Two things will happen as you finish the over-sized plate of this rice in front of you – 1) A foolish grin gets plastered on that gorgeous face of yours. 2) You realize that no matter how “nice” you are, there is a “greedy devil” in you waiting to finish the entire batch of this rice hoping no one comes to claim their share.  (more…)

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

This Chinese cuisine inspired vegetable hakka noodles is a favorite among kids and adults alike!

Vegetable Hakka Noodles Recipe | Indo-Chinese Vegetarian Noodles Stir fry veggies, toss some noodles around and BAM! You have a “Chinese” inspired Noodles dish that is so darn good that you’d want to eat your veggies this way – every single day!

Extrapolating flavors from the Chinese cuisine, Indians make their Chinese Vegetable Hakka Noodles this way – hassle free and delicious, if not very authentic! If you’ve made my Schezwan Fried Noodles or Fried Rice before, then you’re in for another treat!