Bhindi Masala

Simple, low fat Maharashtian style Bhindi Masala (Okra stir fry) made with my favorite spice blend – Godaaa!
Bhindi Masala Recipe | Easy Maharashtrian Okra fry with Goda Masala | Bhendi Fry with Goda Masala | Easy stir fried veggies | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of After potatoes, okra is my most favorite vegetable in the whole world! Maybe I’m a little biased, but I only have it with rice. I think rice + okra is a powerful combination.

I have 2 favorite methods of cooking Bhindi (okra) – The south Indian stir fry way… and more recently, the Maharashtrian bhindi masala way with extra dose of Goda Masala!

Ever since I discovered the secret to Goda, I’ve been using it generously in all my stir fried veggie dishes. It’s a great spice mixture – even better than garam masala in some cases. I believe this is (almost) how Maharashtrians make their Bhindi masala. (more…)

Bhel Puri (Type 2)

If you have all the elements of this dish on hand, putting together a Bhel Puri takes less than 5 minutes!

Bhel Puri Recipe | How to make Bombay Street Food Chaat Bhel Poori by Kavitha Ramaswamy from | Easiest Mumbai Street Food Recipe ever! | Bhel Puri Made Easy & Healthy Okay. You got me. This is the second time I’m posting a Bhel Puri recipe on my blog. But in all fairness, this is a variation on the first one. And it is my new favorite way to make and eat this popular Mumbai chaat food.

I use a secret blend of spices in this recipe to intensify the flavors. And I also add a bunch of crunchy veggies to add a healthy element to this otherwise junk food. Other than the deep fried “Puri” or “Sev”, this dish is quite healthy! You could skip the unhealthy elements of the dish if you want, but a little something never hurt anybody! 😉  (more…)

Ragda Puri

Taking the best of Dahi Puri and Ragda Patties, this Ragda Puri is a fusion dish that you are sure to fall in love with..

Ragda Puri Recipe | How to make Bombay Chaat Street Food Masala Poori | Mumbai Street Food Recipe From by Kavitha Ramaswamy By now, you probably know my love for great Mumbai Street Foods.

Ragda Puri (or in some places Masala Poori) seriously tops my list of favorite Chaat foods.

Ragda Puri is a dish that combines concepts from Dahi Puri and Ragda Patties. If you’ve already seen and loved those recipes on my blog, chances are you would find this one equally delicious too! Hot, bubbly and delicious curried white peas (Ragda) on crispy puffed up pooris is ragda puri for you!


Ragda Patties

Crispy potato cutlets served along with beautifully cooked white peas curry & chutneys is Ragda Patties for you!

Ragda Patties Recipe | How to make Bombay Aloo Tikki Chaat with Ragda | Delicious spicy Mumbai street food recipe by Kavitha Ramaswamy from Oh boy. Am I in deep trouble. Ragda Patties always does that to me.

I have a weak spot for Ragda; which is a kind of curried white peas dish. It adds beauty to just a regular potato cutlet and makes it a truly worthy dish! The sweet and spicy chutneys – the 2 backbones of any Chaat dish add the much needed punch to the dish and makes you get lost in the world of totally different flavors – which still come together brilliantly!

Admittedly, this is a time consuming task. Despite being a self proclaimed number 1 fan of Ragda Patties, I only make it about once a month. But honestly, it is so delicious that you would really not mind spending the time and effort to make this dish! 🙂