Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a delicious combination of dinner rolls with a curry made of lentils and beans!
Misal Pav Recipe | Maharashtrian Dinner Rolls with Spicy Sprouts Curry

I’m so lost today that I had to triple check my “recipe” before publishing it.

My head is submerged in numbers, evidences, effectiveness, testing and a bunch of other stuff I’m struggling to learn. Seeing my coworkers do it with ease doesn’t help either. (Okay, before you conclude that I am inefficient, I want you to know that this is my first assignment in a new job. Those hard working geniuses have done this a zillion times before! :D) Still, with barely 10 minutes a day to myself before I tire out and sleep without even removing my dirty socks (just kidding!), I don’t get to do a lot of proof reading of the recipes.

But rest assured, the recipe is full and correct. Especially since the drool in my mouth explains a lot about this delicious Misal Pav!    (more…)

Vegetable Bajji (Bhajiyas)

Vegetable Bajji or Bhajiya are nothing but battered and deep fried veggies!
Vegetable Bajji Recipe | Indian Bhajiyas - Deep Fried Snacks

#IShouldn’tBrag … but … #IMakeTheBestBajjisInMyFamily

So.. hey guys! 😀 In case you couldn’t read my hash-tag secret message, I said I make the best bajjis in my family. And yes, I’m sure my extended circle of family and friends would vouch for that.

After all, every year on Deepavali, they come home specially to have Vegetable Bajji (Bhajiyas) from my place.

And who do you think is standing in front of the hot oil repeatedly battering and frying the Bajjis…? Yours truly of course!   (more…)

Sev Puri

It is impossible to come to Mumbai and leave without eating Sev Puri.

Wait. Did I say that already?

Oh well, whad-ya-gonna-doo? 😀 Sue me for making contradictory statements?

Sev Puri Recipe (Mumbai Sev Poori)

In my defense – Sev Puri is another super popular street food of Mumbai. And Sev Puri and Bhel Puri peacefully co-exist – each having immense demands everywhere! (more…)

Tawa Pulao

A one pot meal. Say what? Yes. A one pot meal. Again. And again. And again.

Only cuz I’m good at ’em. And I love ’em. And I make ’em all the time. Like seriously – ALL THE TIME.

Living in India is awesome. Maybe I’m saying that coz I’ve never left my nest. But seriously, I love that I could end up in any corner of the country and still be able to get my staple food – Rice. Basmati Rice! (more…)