Butter Kulcha

After Naan, a plain Butter Kulcha is the most popular and loved Tandoori bread. This recipe doesn’t require yeast and makes lovely, soft & spongy Kulchas!

Butter Kulcha Recipe | How to make Kulcha at home | Step by step recipe | Foodomania.com

Here’s a bread fresh from the Tandoor to tickle your taste-buds! Kulchas are easier to make than Naan; but also give you an almost similar texture – spongy, chewy and soft! Requiring no yeast, these flour tortillas (or breads.. whatever you want to call them) are super easy to make and taste delicious with any side dish of your choice.

Usually cooked in a Tandoor, these breads have a smoky taste that is not hard to replicate at home. Using an iron griddle to partially cook the Kulchas and finishing them off in direct flame, you can get an almost similar texture and taste at home. And they are really quick to cook too!

The next time you decide to have an Indian feast, go ahead and make these Kulchas – with or without the butter. They are perfect vehicles to scoop up the many delicacies that Indian cuisine boasts of!    (more…)

Naan Bread (with Yeast)

This super simple Naan bread recipe on the stove top yields amazing & authentic results! The Naan made this way tastes just as a restaurant Naan – IF not better!

Naan Bread Recipe | How to make Authentic Naan at Home on a stove top | Foodomania.com | Step by Step Recipe

If you were to step into an Indian restaurant and gaze around, chances are you spot these beautiful, spongy Naan breads on almost every table. They’re just so elastic yet soft at the same time that make them so fantastic to pair with spicy sides. Sure, they aren’t the best breads to bet your health on. But once in a while, go ahead and treat yourself to something as exotic and yet as humble as a Naan.

There is another Naan recipe on this blog. And that was kind of an attempt to recreate the texture of a restaurant Naan without using Yeast. While I still love that recipe, I’ve also discovered that using yeast in the Naan dough definitely pays off. If you’re looking for the authentic texture, you absolutely should consider using yeast in your dough.

Another point to note is that Naan is often cooked in clay ovens, which are impossible to store at homes. So you can either bake them in the oven (which would be a slow and boring process) or speed up things by directly cooking them over the fire. I don’t know if I can claim this as the most authentic recipe there is, but I can promise you a restaurant quality Naan in just 15 minutes (that is of course, minus the waiting-for-the-dough-to-rise time).    (more…)

Vegetable Pulao with Raita

This is my go to recipe for making vegetable pulao in the pressure cooker. A simple one pot meal to put together at any time!

Vegetable Pulao and Raita Recipe | How to make Pulav in Pessure Cooker I’m now seriously wondering how many rice dishes I can convince you to make. After baking, making one pot meals seems to be my most favorite thing to do. And why not??? When you can have flavorful, piping hot Pilaf in under 30 minutes, making this is the intelligent thing to do; especially when you’re short for time and longing to eat a meal fit for the kings!

Vegetable Pulao is an Indian rice based dish that is made with aromatic long grained rice (called Basmati) and a mixture of various dry spices, veggies and fruits & nuts. Although this recipe is made in the Pressure Cooker, you can just as easily adapt this onto a pan with high sides. Having a pressure cooker just makes your job easier.

And to serve, you can make any spicy curry / gravy based dish or a simple “Raita” – which is nothing but diced onions, cucumbers, etc. mixed with salted yogurt. The cooling effect of the Raita and the spicy Pulao together make a heavenly combo!   (more…)

Naan Bread without Yeast

Naan Bread without Yeast on Stove Top Recipe

Naan bread (usually just called as Naan) is a flatbread popular in India and other parts of Central and South Asia. I found a great recipe for making Naan Bread on the stove without using yeast on my friend’s blog and decided to give it a try. It’s simple, hassle free and the bread (which is almost like a tortilla) tastes amazing with any spicy side dish! (more…)