Jain Chole Masala

Jain Chole Masala Recipe – Spicy Indian style Chickpeas without onion or garlic!

Jain Chole Masala Recipe | Easy Punjabi Side Dishes | written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of Foodomania.com

If you are an Indian with a Jain friend, you’ve probably wondered how they manage to bring out such fantastic flavors in their curries… given that they don’t use onions or garlic… or potatoes.. or any root vegetable, for that matter! Clearly, their lifestyle seems intimidating to a regular vegetarian like me (who enjoys her garlic!).

However, it is this lifestyle – I believe – that keeps them so healthy and disciplined. A lot of their principles revolve around a healthy lifestyle. Anyhoo.. I’m not here to lecture on how to live like a Jain – since I could never do it myself! 🙂

But I do think this Chole Masala (spicy curried chickpeas) with No Onion or No Garlic is a great variation on the regular Punjabi Chole masala. If you want to know how to make the classic Indian gravy without using the 2 main ingredients, read on to find out! (more…)

Masala Chaas

A spiced yogurt based drink, masala chaas is usually the customary end to Indian meals… Keeps the digestive system cooled after a spicy meal! 🙂

Masala Chaas Recipe | How to make North Indian Spiced Buttermilk | Recipe written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of www.Foodomania.com

I  have become so used to gulping down a glass of masala chaas everyday that I don’t even see it as a “recipe”. To me, it is simply a substitute to water. It never occurred to me to pen it down for this website. And honestly, it is just so…..  easy – for the lack of an easier word! 🙂

All you need is plain yogurt and a few additional ingredients to spice up the drink. You can make plain yogurt at home or use store bought yogurt too. Chaas (some people call it chaach / mor) is just diluted yogurt. How thick / diluted the drink needs to be is up to you.

So really, I’m only showing you a way to make it. This is not, and won’t be the first or only variation of a Chaas. Each individual spruces up the recipe to make a drink they can enjoy. You can use this as a reference to make your own Masala Chaas!  (more…)

Baked Samosa Bites

Cut the fat and retain the flavor and texture of a traditional Samosa with these easy Baked Samosa Bites recipe!

Baked Samosa Bites Recipe | How to Bake Samosas |Healthy Snacks | How to bake a Samosa Recipe | Written by Kavitha Ramaswamy of www.Foodomania.com And now I present Baked Samosa Bites.

The traditional deep dried Samosa is and will always be the best way to make this snack. However, one has to look for better alternatives if he/she plans to eat this often.

They take a little bit longer to get ready than the regular version; but if you could avoid all the fat and yet retain all the flavor – wouldn’t you wanna make them this way all the time?  Baked Samosas are almost exactly same as deep fried Samosas. The only difference is in the method of preparation. You could use your favorite filling for these or make the typical Samosa filling we all love. Similarly, you could make them in the conical samosa shape – or do what i did – roll them into bite sized pieces and call them Samosa bites! 🙂 They all taste the same – no matter what shape you roll them into!   (more…)


A simple tutorial with step by step pictures and a video on how to make SAMOSA at home. India’s favorite deep fried snack!


Punjai Samosa Recipe | How to make Samosas fro scracth by Foodomania

A Punjabi Samosa is one of the most popular deep fried delicacies in India. In fact, if you are an Indian cuisine enthusiast, I’m sure you’ve heard of a Samosa. Making samosas is an art that requires some patience and skill – both of which I seem to lack. However, what I do believe is that a little bit of off-shaped Samosa shouldn’t keep you away from making these at home – for homemade samosas are just the best! (more…)