Lemon Rice

You can have this south Indian style lemon rice with any curry; but it is also great on its own!

Lemon Rice Recipe | How to make South Indian style Lemon Rice South Indians have an undying relationship with Rice. We love it despite all the notoriety it has gained over the years. I certainly don’t preach eating high carbs all the time; but it is hard to think of barley or quinoa when we’ve been growing up on rice. At the end of the day, if we’re all eating what we’ve been eating since childhood whilst maintaining an active lifestyle, I really don’t think a little rice could do so much damage to your health.

Lemon Rice is one such quick one pot meal that is very common and popular in the South Indian households. I bet every family makes this in their own way. The citrus-y flavored rice tempered with classic south Indian ingredients like asafetida and mustard is a great lunch box option as well. Here’s how easy it is to put together our lemon rice –  (more…)

Jackfruit Stir Fry

Jackfruit stir fry curry recipe… A healthy, low fat authentic South Indian recipe!

Jackfruit Stir Fry Recipe | South Indian Raw Jack fruit curry -Palamoos I just got back from a very long trip. Very long = Two and a Half MONTHS.

No, I wasn’t chilling. It was a work related trip. I did mention about that once or twice before. And boy, was I glad to be back home last week! You know what happens when a kid is away from home that long? The mother takes it upon herself to feed all the home cooked meals in the world to the kid within one hour of her returning! And she doesn’t stop until the kid feels like an over-sized stuff toy!! 😀

While previously, I would have simply dismissed this gem of a recipe as nothing “exciting” enough to post on my website; the long months of craving for simple South Indian food has driven me to share this simple & healthy Raw Jackfruit stir fry with y’all!

Mysore Rasam

The aroma of freshly ground spices in this Mysore Rasam will enchant your taste-buds like no other South Indian Rasam ever has!

Mysore Rasam Recipe | South Indian Rasam with Arachuvitta Coconut    Wait, did I just indicate that this Rasam is the BEST rasam in the world? Yea-huh, I think I just did. Of all the flavorful broths in the South Indian cuisine, Mysore Rasam (in my opinion) is the King.

Made with freshly ground spices and coconut in a tamarind based stock, this rasam served with hot rice and some crispy stir fried potatoes makes an awesome lunch or dinner meal. Even if you want to avoid the carb in rice, you can drink this lentil soup like broth as is… It is an instant energizer! In almost every South Indian function, you’d find this Mysore Rasam as a part of the meal.  (more…)

South Indian Curd Rice

The climax to every meal is the South Indian Curd Rice…. you know, for us South Indians anyway! 😉

South Indian Curd Rice Recipe | Thayir Sadam / Daddojanam / Perugannam

For most South Indians, Curd Rice is the customary end to every lunch and dinner meal. We can indulge in the spiciest of all dishes, but we like to end the meal with something that is easy and light on our stomach. It aids in digestion, cools off any revolt that is happening in there as a result of spicy foods and gives us the much needed calcium and protein.    (more…)