Mysore Rasam

The aroma of freshly ground spices in this Mysore Rasam will enchant your taste-buds like no other South Indian Rasam ever has!

Mysore Rasam Recipe | South Indian Rasam with Arachuvitta Coconut    Wait, did I just indicate that this Rasam is the BEST rasam in the world? Yea-huh, I think I just did. Of all the flavorful broths in the South Indian cuisine, Mysore Rasam (in my opinion) is the King.

Made with freshly ground spices and coconut in a tamarind based stock, this rasam served with hot rice and some crispy stir fried potatoes makes an awesome lunch or dinner meal. Even if you want to avoid the carb in rice, you can drink this lentil soup like broth as is… It is an instant energizer! In almost every South Indian function, you’d find this Mysore Rasam as a part of the meal.  (more…)

South Indian Curd Rice

The climax to every meal is the South Indian Curd Rice…. you know, for us South Indians anyway! 😉

South Indian Curd Rice Recipe | Thayir Sadam / Daddojanam / Perugannam

For most South Indians, Curd Rice is the customary end to every lunch and dinner meal. We can indulge in the spiciest of all dishes, but we like to end the meal with something that is easy and light on our stomach. It aids in digestion, cools off any revolt that is happening in there as a result of spicy foods and gives us the much needed calcium and protein.    (more…)

Milagu Vadai (Hanuman Vada)

Milagu Vadai is a deep fried snack usually prepared for Anjaneyar (Hanuman) Jayanti. We make a vada malai (necklace) with this snack!
Milagu Vadai Recipe | Hanuman Vada | Lentil & Peppercorn Fritters I’m giving you a fair warning – you need to have a good set of teeth to enjoy this snack. 🙂

If you love hard pretzels, then you surely shouldn’t have a problem with this hard fritter. A classic south Indian recipe usually prepared during Hanuman Jayanthi, this vadai is super simple to make and requires just a few ingredients. “Milagu” is a Tamil Word which means “Pepper”. We simply use pepper to spruce this fritter. The hard texture that is so typical of this snack is achieved by grinding the lentils to a very thick batter with barely any water. Without further ado, let me show you one of the easiest deep fried snacks you might have ever seen! (more…)

Multigrain Porridge

Easy & healthy multigrain porridge (kanji) made with Finger Millet & a whole lotta protein rich ingredients to give you a wholesome meal in a glass!

Multigrain Porridge Recipe | Ragi Kanji | Finger Millet Malt
Protein Power!

Are you SO busy in the mornings that you often skip breakfast or grab it on-the-go?

You shouldn’t skip breakfast. But of course, you know that. So you probably grab it on-the-go then? Well, in my experience, on-the-go breakfast are usually not healthy.

But if I were to tell you – you could gulp your breakfast down, would you be interested?

Kanji or Porridge is a humble dish that people have been consuming for ages. I believe some people also call this conjee?? Well, this version has been developed by one of my ancestors I believe! 😀 Ragi or Finger Millet is not something everybody likes. But by way of this Porridge / Drink / Smooth / Whatever-you-wanna-call-it, you can now enjoy a glass of protein-deliciousness!   (more…)