Hoagie Roll

You can now make soft hoagie roll for your submarine sandwiches at home!

Hoagie Roll Recipe | Soft Italian Bread for Submarine Sandwich/Hot Dog

I know 9 / 10 of you will look, admire and move on.

Because who needs to put in hard work when you can get a Hoagie Roll in the nearby bakery, right? WRONG. YOU need to put in the hard work and make this bread to truly appreciate the work of yeast! 🙂 That magical ingredient that transforms this into a soft bread-y heaven! (more…)

Corn and Onion Calzones

Corn and Onion Calzones. Just something I made to feed the pizza craving I had.

Corn and Onion Calzones Recipe

And look – how well that turned out!

The answer is – too well! A whole wheat pizza dough base and a spicy filling topped with crumbled feta cheese. It was pretty much a winner even before it went into the oven. They came out brown, crispy and hot! And I knew I’d reached my baking nirvana for the day! 😉

Seriously, these Corn and Onion Calzones are deeeeelicious! (more…)

Garlic Dough Balls

Garlic Dough Balls Recipe

When was the last time you had “fun” eating something? Come on. Think. Chances are – you are so busy with life, you don’t even know what you’re putting into your mouth! Garlic Dough Balls are just made for you people who have forgotten what it is to eat good food and have fun while doing it! 🙂 (more…)