Nutella Cupcakes

Get into the delicious world of Nutella with this easy to prepare Nutella Cupcakes!

Eggless Nutella Cupcakes Recipe I am a Nutella-junkie.

I may have probably made a billion recipes with Nutella so far and I’m not done yet.

I’ll keep coming up with recipes and you keep enjoying them! 🙂 Because it is impossible for a recipe with Nutella (no matter how flawed it is) to go wrong! These cupcakes are a perfect example. I had some leftover Nutella Milkshake. Instead of drinking it as is, I decided to throw in a bunch of ingredients to make these super cute mini Nutella Cupcakes!  (more…)

Hoagie Roll

You can now make soft hoagie roll for your submarine sandwiches at home!

Hoagie Roll Recipe | Soft Italian Bread for Submarine Sandwich/Hot Dog

I know 9 / 10 of you will look, admire and move on.

Because who needs to put in hard work when you can get a Hoagie Roll in the nearby bakery, right? WRONG. YOU need to put in the hard work and make this bread to truly appreciate the work of yeast! 🙂 That magical ingredient that transforms this into a soft bread-y heaven! (more…)

Corn and Onion Calzones

Corn and Onion Calzones. Just something I made to feed the pizza craving I had.

Corn and Onion Calzones Recipe

And look – how well that turned out!

The answer is – too well! A whole wheat pizza dough base and a spicy filling topped with crumbled feta cheese. It was pretty much a winner even before it went into the oven. They came out brown, crispy and hot! And I knew I’d reached my baking nirvana for the day! 😉

Seriously, these Corn and Onion Calzones are deeeeelicious! (more…)