Spaghetti with Tomato Cream Sauce

I need to make a horrific confession.

I dislike Pasta.  {{ Read: Dislike, not “hate” }}

I’m not a fan of creamy Pastas. But my brother is. So are a lot many people that I know. Hence, I bring you a really simple Pasta dish with a quick tomato cream sauce. (more…)

Caprese Salad Pizza

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I hate salads. I just cant wrap my head around the fact that eating veggies is good, especially raw. But then, what if I combined salads with my favorite form of carbs – A pizza base?! 😀 Wouldn’t that be the same thing? Except now, I believe I’m eating a Pizza and wouldn’t make a fuss about ‘uncooked food’. 😛 (more…)

Mexican Tortilla Pizza

Somebody on my Facebook Page requested  for Pizza recipes. And so I made a Pizza! (Did you know I take Recipe requests? Just drop a comment on my Facebook page and you can find your dish on my blog within a month or two! ;)) Only, I decided to take the idea of a Pizza and do something fun with it. Like make it on a tortilla base. Besides being fun, it is healthy too! I would make Pizza on a Tortilla base… more often than on a regular flour base! It has a delicious flavor and a naturally thin crust! Mexican Tortilla Pizza – FTW! (more…)

Breadcrumb Pasta (Pasta con il Pangrattato)

Most of my ‘good recipes’ come as a result of leftovers or a situation that demands quick innovative cooking. It was the same with this recipe. I had some leftover breadcrumbs in the fridge; and a pesky brother bugging me to make something tasty, lest Mother feeds him Idli. As much as we all love the South Indian Idli, it is not something that we would eat everyday. Especially when you have Spaghetti at home. And hence, I set about to make my version of the Breadcrumb Pasta. Most of the recipes I found online had a ton of olive oil as the sauce base. I didn’t want that. Hence, I made my own sauce base which turned out to be much more flavorful than a simple olive oil sauce! This is a simple assembly job that takes no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. (more…)