Tres Leches Fudge Bites

This innovative tres leches fudge can be prepared within minutes and frozen upto a month! A delicious, last minute treat (or make-ahead-treat) that you prepare for your guests!

Tres Leches Fudge Bites Recipe | Quick 3 Milk Fudge

I’m hoping you all have heard of a Tres Leches Cake. For those of you who don’t know – it is a Mexican cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk. It is rich, dense and delicious.

Consider this: You have a (Christmas) Party / Get-together. You decide you are going to take the trouble of making this cake for your guests. However, you then realize it is already Christmas day (or the party day) and you have so much of cooking / preparing to do that there is no time for making a tres leches cake!. What would you do? Would you run out the store to get some ice cream? Naa.. that doesn’t seem like you made the effort…

You should instead quickly whip up a Tres Leches Fudge. So easy, fudgy and delicious! Like the name suggests, it is made up of 3 kinds of dairy products – condensed milk, cream cheese & milk powder!


Mexican Tortilla Pizza

Somebody on my Facebook Page requested  for Pizza recipes. And so I made a Pizza! (Did you know I take Recipe requests? Just drop a comment on my Facebook page and you can find your dish on my blog within a month or two! ;)) Only, I decided to take the idea of a Pizza and do something fun with it. Like make it on a tortilla base. Besides being fun, it is healthy too! I would make Pizza on a Tortilla base… more often than on a regular flour base! It has a delicious flavor and a naturally thin crust! Mexican Tortilla Pizza – FTW! (more…)

Arroz Verde (Mexican Green Rice)

I have never really eaten a lot of greens in my life. Its not like I hate ’em; but I just don’t eat ’em so much. I always manage to fool myself into eating the greens by blending and adding them to something or the other that I munch on. This rice happened to be discovered one day when I just had a lot of spinach & mint leaves and didn’t wanna eat the typical south Indian style spinach with lentils. Of course, later on I found out it wasn’t such a great invention myself. Such a dish already exists 😀 And that goes by the name Arroz Verde. (more…)