Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

There are no rules here. You need milk, cinnamon & chocolate. That’s it. And if you want, then sugar, marshmallows, whipped cream etc. But I’m sharing a quick post on this spiced hot chocolate which is definitely better than regular hot chocolate. And forgive me for the mediocre photos! I was in such a hurry like you wouldn’t believe! I put together the whole post (right from making to pre-posting) in 10 minutes! (more…)

Baked Cheese Jalapeño

Have you got what it takes to be a jalapeño eater? 😀 You never know if biting into one is going to harvest that phenomenal flavor and kick (that is the basis for so many Southwestern foods) or if that one little bite will pack such a fierce punch that you’ll be running around the room mouth agape and begging for something to cool it all down. (more…)