Honeycomb Bread

Bite sized stuffed buns that are arranged to look like a “Bee’s Hive” hence known as Honeycomb Bread or Khaliat al Nahal

Honeycomb Bread Recipe | Bee's Hive Buns

Khaliat al Nahal is a Middle Eastern bread. In the Muslim communities, I believe Khaliat al Nahal is made during the fasting period of Ramadan. Kahliat Nahal (also known as Khaliat al Nahal) translates as Bees’ Hive in Arabic taking its name from its appearance. The buns are baked close to each other in a round pan where they form a honeycomb like pattern. Though one finds Honeycomb Buns are usually sweet, they’re also made with a variety of savory fillings and without the syrup/ glaze naturally. (more…)

Naan Bread without Yeast

Naan Bread without Yeast on Stove Top Recipe

Naan bread (usually just called as Naan) is a flatbread popular in India and other parts of Central and South Asia. I found a great recipe for making Naan Bread on the stove without using yeast on my friend’s blog and decided to give it a try. It’s simple, hassle free and the bread (which is almost like a tortilla) tastes amazing with any spicy side dish! (more…)

Afghani Paneer Masala

I’ll be honest. I haven’t tasted authentic Afghan food. I have never owned an authentic Afghan cookbook either. So if you are from Afghanistan and have no clue how I named the recipe ‘Afghan Paneer’, I’ll tell you how. I saw a Youtube video of an Afghan Chicken side dish  long back. I loved the flavors that went into making the gravy and wanted to ‘vegetarianize’ the same. So here’s my take on some of the flavors of Afghanistan! (more…)

Domatesli Pilav with Kofte ~ a turkish spread!

It feels good to be back to cooking and blogging. But when you have a group of friends with whom you share the same passion and cook along with them, it makes ‘coming back’ even better! For our Avant Garde Cookies journey, the theme for this month was ‘Turkish Cuisine’. Being an absolute Zero in the cuisine, I resorted to my second best skill : Googling! 😉 After reading about 100 different articles and recipes (I kid you not) and getting a general idea about the cuisine and the spices that are used in the common Turkish dishes, I set about to make a simple meal of Domatesli Pilav (Doh-maa-tes-lee | Pee-laav) with Kofte. (more…)