7 Cup Barfi

7 cup Barfi derives its name from the fact that we use 7 cups of ingredients to make this delicious Indian cake / fudge like sweet. Super rich & delicious – gluten free too! 🙂

7 cup Barfi Recipe | Seven Star Burfi Sweet Cake - Indian Desserts
Melt in your mouth delicious!

Today I am going to share a delicious Indian sweet with all of you.

Unlike most recipes, the name of this sweet is derived from the amount of ingredients used rather than the type of ingredients. If you look at the recipe, you’ll find that we use a total of 7 cups of ingredients. Smart, eh? 🙂

You could call this an Indian version of fudge. Rich, gluten-free, melt-in-your-mouth delicious, this 7 cup Barfi totally wins brownie points from anyone who tastes it!  (more…)

Vellai Appam

Vellai Appam is the sort of recipe that you make rarely, but when you do – you have the intense satisfaction of enjoying the deep fried delicacy.
Vellai Appam Recipe | South Indian Chettinad Uppappam *crunch* goes the Vellai Appam when you bite into it hot. Since it is deep fried, we usually make it around the Holiday time, so that all of us can enjoy a piece of it. I wouldn’t dare eat the whole batch. 😀

It is sort of like a fritter (Vadai), but the batter is fermented and has a bit of buttermilk to give a subtle sourness that is crucial to the taste and texture of this fritter.    (more…)

Vegetable Bajji (Bhajiyas)

Vegetable Bajji or Bhajiya are nothing but battered and deep fried veggies!
Vegetable Bajji Recipe | Indian Bhajiyas - Deep Fried Snacks

#IShouldn’tBrag … but … #IMakeTheBestBajjisInMyFamily

So.. hey guys! 😀 In case you couldn’t read my hash-tag secret message, I said I make the best bajjis in my family. And yes, I’m sure my extended circle of family and friends would vouch for that.

After all, every year on Deepavali, they come home specially to have Vegetable Bajji (Bhajiyas) from my place.

And who do you think is standing in front of the hot oil repeatedly battering and frying the Bajjis…? Yours truly of course!   (more…)

Godhumai Halwa = Wheat Flour Fudge

For a rich Indian dessert, make this Godhumai Halwa. Made with wheat flour, saffron and tons of ghee (clarified butter), nothing screams celebration like a good Gehun ka Halva (Wheat flour fudge)!

Godhumai Halwa Recipe | Easy Pressure Cooker Gehun ka Halva

If only I were a better photographer…

If only I were a better food stylist …

If only…. Sigh!

Well, the one thing I am good in though is making delicious desserts and this fudgy thingy made with Wheat flour is definitely one that I think you should all try. Oh, and for those curious, Godhumai in Tamil means Wheat and Halva is just sort of like fudge. SO there you have it – Godhumai Halwa! 😉

P.S: This is a quick cooker version of the recipe. This won’t taste exactly like Tirunelveli Halwa, but it is delicious neverheless!   (more…)