Godhumai Halwa = Wheat Flour Fudge

For a rich Indian dessert, make this Godhumai Halwa. Made with wheat flour, saffron and tons of ghee (clarified butter), nothing screams celebration like a good Gehun ka Halva (Wheat flour fudge)!

Godhumai Halwa Recipe | Easy Pressure Cooker Gehun ka Halva

If only I were a better photographer…

If only I were a better food stylist …

If only…. Sigh!

Well, the one thing I am good in though is making delicious desserts and this fudgy thingy made with Wheat flour is definitely one that I think you should all try. Oh, and for those curious, Godhumai in Tamil means Wheat and Halva is just sort of like fudge. SO there you have it – Godhumai Halwa! 😉

P.S: This is a quick cooker version of the recipe. This won’t taste exactly like Tirunelveli Halwa, but it is delicious neverheless!   (more…)

Seedai ~ deep fried + baked

These little deep fried rice flour balls called Seedai are very popular in South India… usually during festivals!

Uppu seedai recipe (deep fried + baked)

We make Seedai once a year.

You’ll shortly know why.

But whenever we do make it, we make large batches that (should ideally) last us for a couple weeks. It ain’t difficult, but the process of rolling about a million tiny balls of dough isn’t exactly what you call “easy”. You sweat a lot. But then, you gotta sweat to get there crispy deep fried delicacies! (more…)

Raw Banana Chips

These Vazhakkai Chips (Raw Banana Chips) are a perfect example of how everything is better deep fried!

raw banana chips recipe (vazhakkai chips)

You’d think that being a food blogger, I must love all kinds of food.

Well, you’re wrong.

As much as I love Banana – the fruit, I loathe Raw Banana. None of the regular methods of sautéing, steaming etc. seem to get rid of the inherent smell in raw banana. But when you slice them thin and deep fry to crispy perfection, that’s a whole other ball game altogether! (more…)

Kai Murukku

Do you have the patience and skill to make these spiral shaped snacks called Kai Murukku? 🙂

South Indian Suthu / Kai Murukku Recipe Twist.. twist.. break… (repeat) Twist.. twist.. break… (repeat) Twist.. twist.. break. Chuck. :-/

That pretty much sums up my attempt at making the astonishingly difficult kai murukku. A spiral hand shaped rice flour snack, this south Indian deep fried delicacy really tested my culinary skills like no other cake or cookie has!

Murukku or Chakli is an Indian snack made with different types of flours. But the most common South Indian type is made with Rice flour and shaped by hand. This is known for it’s twisted spirals (more…)