Lentil Salad

Easy & Healthy South Indian Lentil Salad with toasted Coconuts.

Lentil Salad Recipe

Today I’m going to show you exactly how easy it is to put together a salad.

Ha-Ha! Like you already didn’t know that.

But you see, making salads is not about cutting a few veggies and tossing them together. It’s about finding that perfect blend of flavors and crunchiness whilst maintaining the original taste of the base itself. Take this Lentil Salad for example. On its own, the lentils are fine – no biggie. But toss them together with some toasted coconuts and you have yourself the world’s best Indian flavored Lentil Salad. 😉 (more…)

Mor Kuzhambu

Mor = Buttermilk; Kuzhambu = Stew. Mor Kuzhambu = Stew made with yogurt!

MOR KUZHAMBU RECIPE | South Indian Iyengar Mor Kulambu

I’m bringing another traditional South Indian recipe from my mom’s kitchen today. This time, it’s a yogurt based stew served with rice. We call it the Mor Kuzhambu (for zha – twist your tongue and say La 😀 ). Like any “traditional” recipe, this one too has very many variations depending on which region of South India you’re from. I personally love my mom’s version the best and I hope you do too. (more…)

Appam (Sweet Vella Appam)

A common preparation during festivals, this deep fried Appam is an authentic South Indian sweet! 🙂

Sweet Vella Appam Recipe

Disclaimer: I do not like Sweet Appam as much as a brownie. But I know so many people who love this South Indian sweet that I felt obligated to post this recipe – And FYI, I didn’t make this Appam – Mom did. 😀

This is made with Rice, Jaggery and a few additional ingredients and is actually really simple to make. You can deep fry (like I did) or use a special pan with grooves in it (called Appam pan or Appa-Chatti or Paniyaram pan) to just shallow fry them. (more…)

Thattai | Cripsy Rice Flour Snack

Thattai is a south Indian deep fried snack made with rice flour and commonly prepared during Janmashtami.

Thattai recipe (How to make crispy south Indian Thattai at home)

Phew. I’m literally sweating just reviewing the pictures! 😉

It took a lot of time & work to make these deep fried goodies.

But… I’m glad I had a “taste” (no pun intended) of what my mother has to do during every festival to keep us happy with an assortment of snacks! It isn’t easy. But at the end of the day, you’re left with these crispy and gorgeous looking “Thattai” 🙂 (more…)