3 tier Whimsical Cake

I know this looks a bit untidy. Frankly, that was my intention. To make a homey birthday cake for my little brother. 😀 Of course, this wouldn’t be the perfect thing to make for elegant dinner parties, but will be an absolute delight among the kids! (more…)

Tapioca Pudding (Jevvarisi Payasam)

This pudding is what I like to call, the ‘King of Desserts’. Featuring in every “Feast” my mum prepares on festivals, this is as easy to make as it is to consume! 😉 It can be eaten at any temperature so you dont have to wait until it chills in the fridge. But it tastes best when warm. There are of course many ways of making the same pudding. This once is my mum’s version which I find to be the easiest! (more…)